Canon 7D for Vlogging

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How to vlog with Canon 7D

The Canon EOS 7D has gained massive popularity in the industry with its advanced CMOS sensor and reasonable pricing. It’s a perfect mid-range DSLR camera that suits your basic needs of photography and videography.

Canon 7D Vlogging guide will help the Vloggers decide whether they should buy it for their Vlogging career. Let’s collect useful information now!

When it comes to buying a new DLSR camera, Canon is the priority choice for most users. It is the most trusted brand in the world, with a range of DLSRs for all types of consumers.

The Canon EOS 7D is an excellent camera and the perfect choice for both casual photographers and professional users.

Why Makes Canon EOS 7D Good for Vlogging?

Vlogging is a relatively new career option for thousands of tech-savvy people. Apart from tech-savvies, the same career is preferred by travelers who love to travel to different places. It can earn you both name and fame as well as a handsome amount of money.

If you have just stepped into Vlogging, you must be equipped with a reliable DSLR camera to help you shoot perfect videos and take high-quality photos.

Canon’s EOS 7D features the latest APS-C CMOS sensor that fits all of your requirements. You can use multiple lenses on this camera to meet your basic needs for photo and video shooting.

The Build Quality of Canon 7D

Being a Canon edition, the Canon EOS 7D carries the same design as its predecessors. The handy, compact-sized design makes it perfect for recording videos with absolutely no hassle.

You can even hold this camera with a single hand while recording a video.

The compatibility to attach additional accessories makes this camera even more professional as you can use a tripod, an external flash, microphones, etc to the camera for the perfect videography experience.

The rubberized-back body of the camera makes it look extra premium while offering tough gripping to users. The physical button controls, mode dialer, and all the other useful control features are given on the front side.

Performance of Canon 7D

The Canon EOS 7D features an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with an ISO range of 100-6400, which is expandable to 12800. It comes with an advanced focus with 19 Autofocus points.

Moreover, it comes with eight frames per second of continuous shooting speed. You can shoot up to 8 photos in a second with this mode.

It supports the Maximum screen resolution of 1080pixels, i.e., full HD. You can record high-quality videos with full HD resolution.

There is a built-in pop-up flashlight to capture photos and record videos in low light. You will never have any issues with the performance of this camera.

Movie Mode of Canon 7D

Movie Mode is yet another dedicated option for Vloggers to start recording movies quickly. The camera comes with full manual control when it comes to operating its various modes.

You are allowed to adjust or customize the camera’s settings by changing the shutter speed and aperture.

The camera features a built-in microphone to record sound while recording videos. The maximum video resolution is 1080 pixels i.e. full HD. A dedicated jack is also provided to attach an external microphone to enhance your videography.

The sensor is powered by a Dual Digic 4 Processor that gives you the best shots every time you use the camera.

Multi-lens compatibility of Canon 7D

Being a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 7D allows you to use multiple lenses with its built-in sensor. You can use Canon’s extensive range of lenses with this camera to improve your videography skills.

The built-in sensor supports EF and EF-S lenses from Canon. The same sensor is compatible with loading lenses from third-party manufacturers.

Vloggers have to use multiple lenses for shooting different types of videos, which is why the EOS 7D can be the best choice for them.

Clearview LCD Screen of Canon 7D

The EOS 7D features an extra-large 3” Clearview LDC 2 Screen that acts as a ViewFinder for the users. It has a viewing angle of 170 degrees that covers up the entire scene within the frame.

You can get the best viewing angle through the built-in LCD screen of this camera. The display is protected by toughened glass, which makes it scratch-resistant.

Limitations of Canon EOS 7D

  • The Canon EOS 7D’s video shooting compatibility is 1080 pixels i.e. full HD resolution. You are not allowed to record videos at 4K resolution.
  • There is no articulated screen. The camera features a normal LCD screen with no touch sensitivity. You can view things and can adjust settings through button controls.
  • The camera lacks Wireless Connectivity options. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options present on this camera. You have to make a wire connection to connect the camera to your Computer system.
  • The White Balance of the camera is not reliable in unnatural light conditions. The camera performs well with natural light. You have to adjust the settings while shooting videos indoors.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon EOS 7D is a high-performance DSLR camera pack with all the advanced features to suit your demands of shooting high-quality videos from different angles.

The Camera supports multiple lenses and comes with all the manual control buttons.

The camera’s super comfortable and handy body makes it an ideal choice for professional users.

If you have a limited budget but still want to buy a multi-purpose and professional-grade camera, then Canon EOS 7D is the right option available for you in the market.

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