Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging

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Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging – Introduction

Most Vloggers get confused when it comes to buying a new DSLR camera. The Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging guide will help you to decide whether this Camera is right for the Vloggers or not. Being a premium-end DSLR camera, the Canon 5D Mark IV is ignored and not a suitable option for beginners. In this article, we will be sharing everything about the camera to overcome your confusion about whether to go with it or not.

Canon 5D Mark IV Overview:

Canon 5D Mark IV is a premium-end DSLR camera pack with a ton of premium features to enhance your photography and video shooting skills. The company has redesigned this camera with a lot of improvements and upgrades to its capabilities. However, Canon has kept its design similar to its predecessors i.e. handy and comfortable to hold.

Specifications and Features:

Canon’s 5D series of DSLR cameras has gained a massive upgrade with its sensor, compatibility of lenses, processor and more. It’s become more powerful than the predecessor and packs with all the features and specifications to suit the demands of all types of users.

High-resolution Image Sensor

Canon 5D Mark IV features a high-resolution and powerful image sensor. The resolution of the built-in sensor is now upgraded to 30.4 megapixels. The camera now supports Dual Pixel CMOS AF System. The camera is capable of recording videos at full 4K resolution. You can change the resolution of the camera from the Settings menu.

To support the high-resolution sensor, this edition of Canon features a powerful image processor that gives you high-resolution quality images. It uses the new DIGIC 6+ Image Processor that captures quality images with perfect focus.

Improved Performance

Compared to its predecessor, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV offers powerful performance. The camera is capable enough to take up to seven images with its continuous shoot mode. The previous edition was limited to six images.

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging - performance

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging – performance

The ISO sensitivity of the camera also changed and now offers more customizable options to shoot and capture professional images and videos. The overall performance of the camera is now improved with the high-resolution sensor and better processor.

Attractive design

Apart from the performance, the company has also changed the overall look of the camera. It uses the same design but the build-quality of this edition of Canon is different from other series.

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging - design

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging – design

The button controls are located at the left edge with the mode dial. On the right side, other basic features are given to view the captured images and videos. The body of the camera features a textured black design which looks very attractive and does offer a premium look.

Unlike the mid-end DSLRs, this edition packs a ton of extra features and customizable options which you can change as per your needs using the given dialer and Settings button on the body.

Built-in Touch-screen

The camera features a high-quality LCD touchscreen. It uses Canon’s new Face Detection technology which gives you more power to record high-quality videos and capture great pictures.

It’s a touchscreen display that lets you operate the Camera and customize its settings without using the button control. You can view things, can adjust the focus and make proper changes to the camera by using the built-in customization options using your finger on the touchscreen display.

Better Video Shooting

Being a high-end camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is capable to record videos at full 4K resolution. You can enable or disable the 4K shooting mode from the given button control.

The camera is capable of capturing quality images in 4K mode. You can also use the same camera for recording slo-mo videos. Yes, the EOS 5D Mark IV is compatible to record slo-mo videos without dropping the original quality of the video.

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging - video shooting

Canon 5D Mark IV Vlogging – video shooting

Built-in GPS with Wireless

The company has improved its camera by adding GPS and Wireless Connectivity options. You don’t need to use an additional accessory to add GPS locations as the camera now comes with built-in GPS.

Photo-sharing and video-sharing are now easier with the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity option. You can use this feature to share photos and videos from one device to another under the same Wi-Fi connection. You can use Canon’s official mobile app to take full control of the camera through your Smartphone.

Limitations of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

  • The first drawback of the camera is its pricing. Most consumers avoid buying this camera just because of its high pricing. It is known as one of the most expensive cameras in the world. If you go with the full Kit, you will have to pay hundreds of extra bucks.
  • The camera is compatible with 4K shooting but the 4K shooting comes with many limitations, unlike the other cameras.
  • The ISO range of the camera is also limited and has not been increased compared to its predecessor. You have to limit your photography and video shooting skills with the built-in lens.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV does look familiar with its design and build quality which attracts the masses to it. The camera packs with all the advanced features and functions to record high-quality 4K videos, slo-mo videos and images as well with the upgraded image processor.

What’s disappointing here is the pricing. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is very expensive and might not be the right choice for those who have to look after the price tag before buying it. Overall, it’s a feature-rich premium-end camera and an ideal choice for professional Vloggers.

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