3 Ways to Get Paid Vlogging. How to Get Paid Vlogging

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How to get paid Vlogging – Overview

Most of us spend our free time watching videos on YouTube. It’s a hub for people who want to grow without anybody’s help. Yes, we are talking about tutorial videos on YouTube. Apart from Tutorial videos, you can find travel videos, product reviews, biographies, etc., on the same platform.

More and more people are starting their YouTube channels and becoming vloggers. Have you ever wondered how they get paid for Vlogging?

Vlogging was just an idea of sharing knowledge with others on YouTube. Gradually, it has become the most popular profession among video enthusiasts. Anyone can learn Vlogging and start earning money through it. Here, we have decoded how professional Vloggers earn their bread on YouTube.

How Do Professional Vloggers Earn Money

One can’t become a professional Vlogger if he doesn’t learn new things daily. Vlogging requires a lot of hard work and passion. The main aim of a Vlogger is to gain more subscribers who will watch their newly uploaded videos.

Several options are available for professional vloggers who can earn a healthy income by posting videos on their YouTube channel. Let’s figure out the different ways of earning money through Vlogging.

Professional vloggers earn money through three different platforms. As they become popular and gain millions of followers, they will be approached by various other resources from which they will be offered promotional videos. Let’s decode the different resources for professional vloggers to generate steady income.

1. Adsense

Professional Vloggers are pretty smart, using multiple sites to upload their content. They also have a website where they put out details of their videos or products linked with YouTube channels.

Popular Vloggers have their YouTube Channels with millions of subscribers. YouTube offers its advertising service to professional vloggers. When a viewer watches and clicks on the video link attached to the video, the vlogger starts gaining a percentage.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is yet another popular career option for web users. If you have a creative mind and enough time to spend on the web, then affiliate marketing can make you rich and famous at the same time.

Through affiliate marketing, you can start earning money. Over 30% of the Vloggers have started their own YouTube channel to get a percentage share or, we can say, the commission on the actual price of that particular product.

Affiliate marketer produces content for different products from Amazon and other popular e-commerce websites. They also include their affiliate link in the description section and also add a link on the main screen of the video player.

When a user clicks the link and purchases an item through the given link, Vlogger’s account will be credited with the commission amount decided by the e-commerce giant.

3. Sponsorship from the World-class Brand

Sponsorship from a world-class brand is not an easy task and it is not easily available for beginners with a smaller number of subscribers. You will only get sponsorship from popular brands if you are a professional vlogger with millions of subscribers.

Brands are looking for influencers or pro-vloggers who will get paid just for mentioning the name of their brand or the product in their video. Depending upon the brand’s requirements, the Vlogger will get paid.

Upon contact, they may ask them to create a separate video for their product or service to get paid. Most celebrities do sponsor posting on their YouTube and other social networking websites. The amount is set as per the number of viewers and subscribers on the YouTube channel.

These are the main resources for the vloggers to get paid for uploading videos on their YouTube channel. The most common resource for earning money for vloggers is advertising. You can start posting advertisements on your newly launched YouTube channel with limited subscribers.

To get ads featured on your videos, you must sign up for the AdSense account by entering the details of your YouTube channel and other personal information asked in the form. You must fill in all the information, including your contact number and address.

On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is the best and proven way to make you rich in a short period. Yes, unlike advertising, affiliate marketing helps you to become rich quickly. Once you become famous with many subscribers, you can use Sponsorship and other resources to earn money.

The Bottom Line:

Vlogging gives you freedom and flexibility, unlike other 9 to 5 jobs. If you own a good camera and are passionate about educating people about certain things, Vlogging is the right career option for you.

Initially, you will have to struggle, but in the end, you will start receiving a steady income through many resources. Many people stepped into this career just to become rich.

Don’t overthink. Just record a video and upload it on your YouTube channel.

Don’t be too obsessed about owning expensive vlogging equipment in the beginning. Vlogging is not a visual quality competition. Focus on your content and try to produce content that is either different than what’s out there or better than them. Once you become a respected vlogger with many followers, you may start investing in your equipment.