Adobe Premiere Pro CC – In Depth Review

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the first computer-based NLEs (non-linear editing) made by Adobe Systems.

It’s a timeline-based video editing application that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite made for video editing, animation, visual effects, graphics design, and web development.

It is a cross-platform software, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This allows you to have continuous work on PC, MAC, and your phone.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading names in the industry of Video Editing. It has a long list of high professional consumers and clients, It’s been widely used by professional editors in music videos, TV shows, and films.

Such as Deadpool, Gone Girl, Mind Hunter, Avatar. It is a subscription-based application priced at 20.99 USD per month or 239.88 USD per year.

For Some users, Premiere Pro might be a bit overwhelming to look at, unlike Final Cut Pro where the controls are somehow hidden, Premiere Pro just placed it all there for you to see. But wait, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Adobe Premiere Pro has a series of workspaces that you can choose from, (see image below) depending on what you will do, also, Adobe gives you the freedom to customize and create your workspace.

You can move ANY of the panels. For example, You can move the timeline above, or on the left corner, you can even scale it, make it bigger or smaller.

If your working setup has a dual monitor, you can drag it on there, so now you’ll have an even bigger workspace.

You have the option to close those you don’t need and bring out what you need. When you’re comfortable, you can save your workspace, (Window – Workspaces – Save as New Workspace) then you can load it anytime.


Timeline – this will be your workspace, it supports multiple tracks for video and audio. This is where you’ll arrange your clips, and make your edits and adjustments.

Project – this is where you will import and organize your files.


  1. Double click anywhere within the Project Panel
  2. File – Import – Select your files
  3. Drag and drop your files into the Timeline or the Project Panel
    • You can drag an entire folder onto the Project Panel

Source Monitor – this is where you will see the preview of your files. You can preview files by double-clicking on them and pressing the play button, or spacebar.

Program Monitor – shows you a real-time preview of your edits.

Effects – This allows you to have access to different Video and Audio effects that you can apply to your project.

Effects Controls – All controls on any properties will be here, be it a video effect, audio effect, color adjustments, effects on graphics, every control setting will be here.

Lumetric Color (Color Workspace)– Allows you to have accurate color grading and cinematic color styling. Options are organized in sections, under separate drop-down menus, such as Basic Correction where you can adjust white balance, tone.

You can also choose from the filters available under the Creative tab. You’ll have a full range of options that you can adjust to your liking through the color wheel, curves, etc.

Essential Graphics (Graphic Workspace) – Forget After Effects, this will give you access to pre-made templates for title animation and motion graphics.

You can browse Adobe Stock for paid and free animations or search templates using keywords. You can preview them by double-clicking on them then running your cursor over them.

All are designed to be customized on Premiere Pro with easy-to-use controls. Simply drag and drop them to use.

Essential Sounds (Audio Workspace) – The Essential Sound panel allows users to categorize audio clips.

Helps you to simplify your audio workflow for mixing dialogue, music, sound effect, ambient sounds. You can assign preset audio edits for better volume and clarity.

You can browse, search and use thousands of licensed royalty-free music tracks from the Essential Sound Panel.

You can narrow down your search by Mood, Genre, Tempo, Duration. Choose whether with Vocal or none.

You can explore the other panels by clicking on the Windows menu. Premiere Pro has around 30 Panels that you could use.

Adobe Premiere Pro has this Production Panel which is useful for teams working together on a single project.

This allows multiple users to work and edit the same project simultaneously without ever needing to duplicate files.

Adobe Premiere Pro has an insane number of tools that you could use for video editing. If you’re looking to do simple edits and put together multiple clips, Premiere can do that.

If you’re looking to create a more complicated video and want to create more customized graphics, animation, effects, Adobe Premiere can also do that.

It provides tools that are used by professionals but it is also built to be easily used and understood by casual users.

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