10 Best Mini Portable Projectors

Best Mini Portable Projectors

Searching for the top 10 best mini portable projectors without getting any big success as of yet? From letting you binge-watch your favorite web-series to facilitate your work-related presentations on the go, these mini projectors can help you take care of all your tasks and requirements.

Here is a list of most amazing and compact mini projectors available in the market.

Recommended list of 10 best mini portable projectors

Mini projectorPorts Display ResolutionWeightCheck Price on Amazon
Anker Nebula mini projectorHDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Screen Mirroring1280x720 (16:9, HD)1.04 lbs Check Price
PTV display mini projectorHD IN, USB, TF Card Slot (Support up to 32GB).
Output: 3.5mm Audio Output
854 * 480(WVGA)8.64oz Check Price
Vamvo Store Mini projectorFire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB1280 x 7203.95 lbs Check Price
iLIMPID Mini portable projectorHDMI, VGA, AV, USB and Headphone Output1920*10800.9 Kilograms Check Price
AuKing Mini ProjectorFull HD 1080P HDMI,VGA,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone1080p1.29kg Check Price
Meer Store video projector MicroSD, USB, Lightning, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio1080P0.29kg Check Price
ViewSonic 1080P projectorHDMI and USB1920x1080p0.66 lbs Check Price
ManyBox mini projectorTV PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB-20201080p3.47 pounds Check Price
Apeman Store 3800L mini projectorTV Stick, PS4, HDMI, TF, AV, USB800 x 480p(native)2.16 lbs Check Price
Kodak Store Ultra Mini ProjectorHDMI, USB and MicroSD Hookup640 x 360 resolution(native)5.3 ounces Check Price

1. Anker Nebula mini projector

You can expect a more than perfect cinematic experience while having this fantastic mini projector at your home or office. The HDMI and USB supported device is ideal for streaming the content to the capsule utilizing Bluetooth, Miracast, or Airplane.

Now be ready to build an effortless connection with this mini projector that can give you the flexibility of watching your favorite shows anytime and anywhere. 

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Anker Nebula mini projector

2. PTV display mini projector

 The mini projector is specifically designed for entertainment as well as educational use. The projector design, along with the display size of 120 inches, gives you the required benefits. Besides, its portable design lets you carry this kit wherever you want.

The brightness is also customizable, and the max resolution is around 854 x 480 WVGA. It can serve for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Besides, the power supply is around 100nand 240 volts with the 50 or 60-hertz frequency. 

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – PTV display mini projector

3. Vamvo Store Mini projector

The professionally designed mini projector works as the HD video system that is quite capable of delivering the perfect home entertainment experience. Moreover, you will also get the customizable brightness levels that can make you adjust the video according to your preferences.

It is well designed with the proper lighting and innovations for making it perfect to be placed everywhere.

The 720p native resolution, along with the 50,000 hours LED lamp Life, ensures that the mini projector can give you a perfect video experience. Additionally, you can build a connection with HDMI, USB, and AV interfaces. 

4. Ilimpid Mini portable projector

The projector works with the recording capabilities of a super coloring engine. Besides, it also has the video output that will hold the right brightness.

When compared to the ordinary projectors, it supports 1920 X 1080 resolutions. The multimedia projector is suitable for supporting the multiple signal source interface.

Overall, you will get the facility of projecting onto the white wall. The home theatre setup is excellently equipped with a dissipation system for the heating regions. It leads to the adjustment of the noise for the achievement of the noise balance as well.

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Ilimpid Mini portable projector

5. Auking Mini Projector

 The 1080p resolution supported 55,000 watts LED lamp life projector is perfect for giving you the excellent home theatre setup. It will be getting the native resolution around 800 x 480. Overall, the advanced LED lamps and the size of the good projection make use of the adjustable keystone correction to give you a good quality image.

Besides, it is also the superior stereo sound effect. The device works with the plug and play device and enables the effortless connection of the TV stick, Xbox, laptop, DVD, and other units. Be ready to build an effortless connection with the iPhone for getting the quality output. 


Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Auking Mini Projector

6. Meer Store video projector

The ergonomically designed Mini portable projector gives a good experience for TV movies, music, and gaming. You can get the full format video player support with it. Moreover, it is supportive of music, video, and pictures. The compact design projector works based on the LED light.

Besides, the power consumption is around 10 and 25 watt. So, you can get an effortless connection to the smartphone, laptops, tablets, or Macbook. Besides, it also gives adequate lighting according to your preferences. 

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Meer Store video projector

7. Viewsonic 1080P projector

 The Ultra-portable pocket LED projector works with 1080p support and allows you to playback the videos, photos, and other multimedia. The vertical keystone correction of this unit leads to the elimination of the crooked and distorted images.

So, you can expect some big-screen entertainment irrespective of the location while using this system. Moreover, it has the swipeable projector panels available in different colors. Also, the built-in battery and power bank compatibility work as a perfect icing on the cake. 

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Viewsonic 1080P projector


8. Manybox mini projector

This mini projector boasts a 1080p resolution and works with 45000 hours LED lamp life. It is quite capable of offering you a home entertainment kind of experience at any preferred location.

This system is rightly suitable for binge-watching your favorite TV or web series, playing video games, football matches, and photo sharing purposes.

Overall, it can give support for laptops, computers, smartphones, and USB drivers. The built-in speakers and the big screen capability offer you good quality entertainment even with dark surroundings.

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Manybox mini projector

9. Apeman Store 3800L mini projector

 The mini projector is fit for providing you with a home cinema experience while also allowing you to play your favorite video games.

It’s still not suitable for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or business presentation purposes. Regardless, the well-supportive digital experience with good quality speakers ensures that you will get the required experience during every usage.

The USB port supports the USB flash drive, which can be termed as the USP of this system. You can effortlessly create a connection with the standard devices like the game console, PC, laptop, and smartphones.

10. Kodak Store Ultra Mini Projector

The smooth and clutter-free mini projector gives good quality of vision along with exceptional contrast. Overall, the system is good enough in terms of the stunning HD video, as well as imaging. The revolutionary innovation now makes this portable package a perfect fit for your entertainment purpose.

Besides, it will be getting the 3.5 mm Input, and integrated HDMI along with MicroSD hook up.

Best Mini Portable Projectors
Best Mini Portable Projectors – Kodak Store Ultra Mini Projector

Bottom line for 10 best mini portable projectors

We just took you through to the handpicked list of best mini projectors around. Pick the one that suits best to your give needs and preferences. Also, keep checking this space for all the best reviews and analyses of your favorite gadgets and devices.

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