A Brief History of Landscape Photography 

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Photography has become an essential part of every individual. Gone are the days when we have to depend upon a huge camera or a professional photographer.

We can now take professional photos using our smartphone’s camera. Even digital cameras now come with hundreds of extraordinary features packed within a compact size.

In this article, we will be sharing the history of landscape photography.

Landscape Photography is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite genre in photography. Landscape photos tell you a different story of the scene which is why it is quite popular among professionals.

Landscape photos look richer than the normal shots as it gives you the best of views compared to other photos.

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape Photography is nothing but capturing the image of nature’s properties. Landscape photos look rich, sharp, and professional that doesn’t require additional editing works.

Landscape photos don’t feature animals or humans. It displays the real beauty of the planet earth.

What is Landscape Photography

What is Landscape Photography

If we talk about today’s times, professional users have started using this genre of photography for capturing professional shots of humans and animals that also covers nature and its beauty.

Landscape Photography History

As per the different resources available, the first landscape photo was taken in the year 1826 or 1827 by the French Inventor Nicephore Niepce.

After a few years of practice, in the year 1935, an English Scientist came to light with various photography techniques and innovations. The English Scientist, Henry Fox Talbot named as the person who invented landscape photography.

Landscape Photography History

Landscape Photography History

What’s surprising here is, the timeline of landscape photography and its invention is quite mysterious. Soon after the invention of new techniques, thousands of photographs were taken in the next few years by various professionals.

In the year 1904, Edward Steichen’s Moonlight: The Pond photograph had gained the eyeballs of everyone and made a new entry in the list of Landscape Photography.

Apparently, there’s no specific person whom we can call the inventor of Landscape Photography.

This genre of photography was not invented by a single person but by a group of professionals who came up with new techniques and innovations. Let’s understand the inputs of different persons in Landscape Photography year by year.

Inventors of Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is a fruit of many professional photographers, scientists, and other professionals. The following list contains the name and inputs of the great minds behind this genre of photography.

1. Carleton Watkins

Carleton Watkins, an American Photographer is known as the pioneer of landscape photography. He was recognized after his stunning photos of Yosemite Valley. He had used the mammoth plate camera to capture the beauty of Yosemite Valley.

Inventors of Landscape Photography

Inventors of Landscape Photography

Carleton Watkins- 1829- 1916

2. William Henry Jackson

William Henry Jackson was a painter by profession. After gaining interest in photography, he was appointed as the geological survey photographer and explorer of nature.

He was also known for his extraordinary art and painting works. William Henry Jackson’s photos of the American West gave him this position to stand in this timeline.

William Henry Jackson

William Henry Jackson

William Henry Jackson- 1843- 1942

3. Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is known as the King of Landscape Photography. He was quite passionate about his work. His dedication towards photography had made him stand on this list. He was a master of landscape photography as he spent most of his time learning new techniques to capture the best of landscape shots.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Ansel’s technique of deep analyzing the scene before the final shot had made him the King of Landscape Photography. His technique was unique and for that reason, his photographs were recognized by the institutes of photography across the United States.

Ansel Adams- 1902- 1984

4. Edward Weston

Edward Weston is yet another popular name when it comes to the history of landscape photography. He was the most influential photographer during that era.

He was working on different subjects to invent new techniques so that one can easily capture the best of nature’s shot i.e. landscape photo.

Edward Weston

Edward Weston

Apart from landscape photos, Edward was also good at taking still-life images. He had spent his entire life learning and inventing new photography techniques to make landscape photography easier.

Edward Weston- 1886- 1958

5. Luigi Ghirri

Being an Italian Photographer, Luigi Ghirri made his entry in the list of the historian of Landscape Photography. Just like other professionals, Luigi was working on various subjects to make landscape photography better.

Unlike other historians, he was shooting landscapes in color. Yes, Luigi was a color photographer. The Artworld had recognized him for his work and became a famous photographer in landscape photography. His name is still alive in the books.

Luigi Ghirri

Luigi Ghirri

Luigi Ghirri- 1943- 1992

Final Notion

In today’s era of photography, landscape photography revolutionized with new technology and techniques. We have plenty of digital cameras, lenses, and accessories to make landscape photography much easier.

If you are passionate about your career, then you should know about the history behind this genre of photography from the above article. It gives you new hope and energy to worship your profession.

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