10 Best Aura Camera

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Best Aura Camera – Overview

How can you see someone’s energy lighting up a room or bringing you down even before they start talking? What does it mean to sense someone’s mood radiating even when they aren’t even speaking? Some call it an aura.

However, there are very few people who understand what that looks like and what it really means. But what if you could perceive another person’s aura? Well, it’s actually possible via aura photography cameras and imaging software.

The first aura camera was built in the 1970s by Guy Coggins, and its recent increase in status has made the picturing of auric fields possible. In aura cameras, energy is captured in bursts of color and light, which crowns the subjects.

Aura cameras can give you a detailed look into human energy like never before, and the latest cameras enhance the experience. So which aura cameras can you find in the market today?

Some of The Aura Cameras You Can Find in The Market Include:

The Model 5 Kirlian Photography Device

The model 5 Kirlian photography machine is a high voltage device that includes a ground plate and a transparent discharge plate. The transparent discharge plate enables you to shoot aura images using standard digital cameras.

AuraCam 6000

The AuraCam 6000 has over 30 years of research embedded in it, so you can be certain that you’re getting one of the top aura cameras on the market. This digital aura camera is full of cutting-edge technology, and it boasts immediate results.

The uses of the AuraCam 6000 are limitless because this camera is great for wellness clinics, therapy centers, bookstores, and yoga and meditation studios, among others.


WinAura is a Windows program that displays the auric field around a person when they are moving. All you need to do is place your hand on the aura sensor bio hand plate, and straightaway, your auric field appears on the monitor.

IES AuraCloud 3D

The IES AuraCloud 3D doesn’t just give you an entire image of a person’s aura and highlights auric fields in 3D. You can get this camera in two variants, namely Basic and Pro.

AuraCloud 3D Basic

The AuraCloud 3D Basic is ideal for at-home aura images. It’s a useful tool that will give you in-depth and easy-to-read conceptions of your auric field. This tool comes with the AuraCloud software, which has four in-depth apps that increase the sensor’s hand readings.

IES AuraCloud 3D Pro

The AuraCloud 3D Pro is one of the latest tools in aura camera technology. This pro variant has the same capabilities as the basic variant and some extra tools and features that are ideal for experts. This camera has a hand sensor designed in an elegantly comfy shape of your hand.

Aura Video Station 7

The Aura Video Station line is built specifically for general health practitioners and wellness clinics. You can get this system in two variants, namely Basic and Pro.

Aura Video Station 7 Basic

The Video Station 7 Basic has five detailed apps that can show different auric fields. The hand sensor reads your hand and immediately converts the data into superb, easy-to-read images. The software can generate bespoke charts illustrating aura color, energy levels, and other focal aspects using the data.

Aura Video Station 7 Pro

The Video Station 7 Pro is one of the best aura imaging systems on the market. It works alongside cutting-edge software to display visual readings of aura energies. In addition, this aura imaging system also has animal aura technology to give auric readings for pets.

AVS 5 Aura Imaging system

The AVS 5 aura imaging system collects data via the hand sensor. Then, it converts it into a visible light array shown as a polychromatic field overlaid on a person’s image, allowing for a visual representation of a person’s auric field. This system includes a camera, a hand sensor, software disks, and training if required.

Aura Camera MbGA

The Aura Camera MbGA provides aura images based on human psycho-types processed by computer software as a result of data measured by sensors from a person’s hand. This camera aims to determine the most precise psycho-emotional condition of a person.

JAK3000 Kirlian Camera

The JAK series of gadgets are perhaps the best digitally outfitted aura cameras on the market. The JAK3000 allows you to take aura images in stills and HD video. In addition, this camera takes large aura images without losing any detail.

Final Thought

All in all, aura cameras have become increasingly refined and easy to use. These cameras generate images that are mostly interpreted using software. As illustrated above, you can find aura cameras today or, better yet, book a studio session to capture your aura image.