WhatsApp Launches a new ‘View Once’ Feature that lets you send disappearing photos and videos to view for just once

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WhatsApp ‘View Once’ Photo Feature

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp launched a new ‘View Once’ feature. We have seen plenty of new features on WhatsApp recently.

Today, WhatsApp has brought a new feature that lets you send disappearing messages i.e. photos and videos.

With this feature enabled, when you send a photo or video, it can be viewed only once.

The new ‘View Once’ feature was announced only for iPhone users. However, the social networking giant announced the availability of this new feature for all devices and platforms.

The new ‘View Once’ WhatsApp feature is now available for Android and iOS users. WhatsApp has been testing out this feature for quite some time now.

After successful testing of this new feature, WhatsApp has released this new feature for all platforms i.e. for iPhone and Android.

The only way with which recipients can keep a track of the received photos and videos messages is by simply taking a screenshot of them.

The feature was launched for iPhone users with a new WhatsApp version number 2.21.150 for Indian users. The same upgraded version has been made available for Android users.

iOS users can head over to the App Store and search for the WhatsApp app. Click the Update button to update the existing version of WhatsApp to a newer one.

Likewise, Android users can head over to Google Play Store and get their existing WhatsApp app updated.

How to Enable WhatsApp ‘View Once’ Feature?

WhatsApp has released this new feature with its new app version. For that reason, you have to first update an existing WhatsApp app to a new version from Play Store or App Store.

After that, you will be able to use this feature while sending a new photo or video using WhatsApp. The new ‘1’ icon will appear beside the caption bar. Whenever you want to use this feature, select the ‘1’ icon to enable it.

Once enabled, the recipient will be able to view the photo or video just once. Once the recipient views and exists the media viewer, the received photo and video will be disappeared from the Chat window.

The media files sent through this feature will not be saved in the media files gallery of the recipient. The recipient will not be able to forward the received message i.e. photos and videos through this feature.

Interestingly, if the recipient didn’t open the received media file, it will be deleted automatically from the Chat Window within 14 days.

As noted above, if the recipients want to keep track of the received media files or videos, the only option that they have is to take a screenshot of it. It’s quite a useful feature where users’ chat will be much safer as their messages won’t be saved at the other end.

WhatsApp has noted down everything regarding this new View Once feature on their official blog post.

They have mentioned all the benefits of this new feature such as when a user shares a password of Wi-Fi or something, they can use this feature as the messages will be gone from the Chat window automatically.

In other words, the new WhatsApp View Once feature lets you share text messages, photos, videos, gifs, etc. Users can utilize this feature for a variety of reasons as per their needs.

WhatsApp View Once Feature Availability:

As noted above, WhatsApp had first released this updated version of their mobile app to iOS users only.

However, soon after their announcement, the same version was made available for Android users. Starting from this week, WhatsApp’s new updated version will be available globally.

To receive this new updated version, you are requested to keep on checking for the new version on a respective App Store or Play Store for iOS and Android devices. We have also described how you can update your WhatsApp app in the above part.

What’s new?

Besides this View Once feature, the updated version of the WhatsApp application has brought a new in-app notification feature for iOS users.

Once an iOS user updates WhatsApp to a newer version, they will be able to use this new in-app notifications feature on their device. This feature will remove the clutter while using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Version Compatibility

The new version of WhatsApp with the View Once a feature is compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with iOS 10.0.

Android users can check out the compatibility of this app by visiting the official Play Store on their device. If their device supports this updated version, they can update the app view the Play Store’s update button.


WhatsApp had released the beta version carrying this same View Once feature in September 2020.

They had released a beta version for limited users and after several months of testing their new feature, they have finally released it to the public.

Go ahead, check for the new update of WhatsApp and enjoy this new View Once feature.

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