The New York Times Purchases a Popular Puzzle Game Wordle

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The New York Times Purchases Wordle

The popular word-play game, Wordle, was acquired by The New York Times. Yes, The New York Times officially buys Wordle- everyone’s favorite word game.

The publication has announced its acquisition by releasing a press note. Unfortunately, they have not declared the total price of this deal.

What we know so far about this acquisition is they have bought this game for “low-seven figures.” About the pricing for the game, the publication company has announced that the Wordle game will be available for free for everyone i.e. for the new users and the existing users of the game.

Furthermore, the company has also announced that there will be no change in the gameplay. Users will get the same user interface and gameplay. We all know about puzzle games, they are productive and give you the best gaming experience.

About Wordle Gameplay

The New York Times discovered this game as a life changer for puzzle solvers. More and more gamers get attracted to such games every day and for that reason, they have made this acquisition.

About Wordle Gameplay

About Wordle Gameplay

Wordle is a daily word game where players will be solving a word puzzle. They will be given six tries to solve a five-letter puzzle. So from now, Wordle will be a part of the New York times portfolio of games. Gamers will have one more addictive game in their bucket to play around with and spend a productive time ahead.

About the Founder

The Wordle game was released by Josh Wardle, who is a software engineer by profession in Brooklyn. The game was released in the previous year and since then it has become the primary choice for gamers who want to play puzzle games. The game has gained a massive fan-following in such a short period, which shows how addictive the game is!

About the Founder

About the Founder

If we talk about the figures, the game had only 90 people in November. The same number increased to 300,000 users in the next two months. It reaches millions of new players daily as it serves addictive gameplay across the platforms.

Josh Wardle has also released a statement regarding this acquisition by releasing a note on Twitter. Josh Wardle has released this note via his official Twitter handle. You can check the embedded tweet listed below.

About the game’s origin, Josh Wardle has said that he had released this game for his partner who is a die-hard puzzle enthusiast so that they both can play the game together.

They didn’t aware of the game’s massive popularity shortly. However, it went well and people liked the game just because of its addictive gameplay.

At first, Wardle released this game on a website and share it with his family members. After his family members, he had made this game available for his close friends. And then it went live for public users and gained such massive popularity.

Wardle said in a statement that he is extremely happy to announce the acquisition of his popular word game, Wordle by The New York Times company.

He further said that NYT had helped them gain such a huge fanbase. And now, the same company has acquired their game. He also said that the game will be available for free to use when it will be shifted to the official website of the New York Times.

Moreover, Josh Wardle will be there throughout the years to help the users around. He will look after the game and its updates for the coming years.

He was shocked to see such massive popularity of his game which he never imagined. The popularity of the game was overwhelming for him and his family members. The approach made by the New York Times was admired by Josh Wardle as he stated it in his official statement.

The Statement from The New York Times

The New York Times has said that the popular Wordle game will be a part of their daily game experience. The game will attract millions of users to come to the site of the New York Times again.

The company has also released data on its games. The games available on the New York Times catalog were played by over 500 million times in the previous year i.e. in 2021.

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