3 Best Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station

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Best Henge Docks Vertical Docking Stations

The Henge docks vertical Docking station is quite supportive in allowing the user with multiple facilities of a laptop, media Centre, PC desktop, and everything else from one computer. 

It also helps in simultaneously saving disk space as well as displaying the laptop features.

Moreover, the vertical docking station for the Macbook Air also requires no setup at all. All you have to do is plug and play the device as per your convenience. 

The benefit of using Henge Docks vertical docking station

The Henge docking station becomes a real lifesaver or all the multitasking people out there. The remarkable part is the dock’s vertical nature which will save all the space and effort on the desk.

All the versions of this docking station from Henge are beautifully designed and are available for Macbook Pro versions.

Besides, each of them is super slim and comes with a design that will match the Macbook perfectly. Some of them are also made from high-grade aluminum that ensures durability in the long run. 

1. Henge Docks for 13-inch MacBook Air

This is the Macbook Air dock that will allow the users to go ahead with incorporating the Macbook Air right into the desktop setup.

You can also use it with the home theatre setup. In this way, users get the best features of the desktop, laptop, and Media Centre PC.

So, you can ensure developing and building the networking system right from one computer.

Its design makes it stand out among all the other docking stations within the same segment. Besides, there is never a requirement for any hardware, software, or other computer settings.

The Dock is also a supporter of the Mini DisplayPort. It is also compatible with the current models that come with the Thunderbolt facility.

However, it is not compatible with Thunderbolt devices like the Apple Thunderbolt display.

2. Henge vertical dock retina display

The dock comes with a clean, simple, and elegant design with a polished integration between the laptop, desktop, and home theatre.

However, the dock does not share compatibility with the 2016- 2018 MacBook Pro. Also, it is not at all supportive of the USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. 

Still, you don’t require the cable connectors when you have this docking station, giving it an upper hand over all of its counterparts.

The Thunderbolt 3 type of docking station is fully compatible with Apple and further goes perfectly for unsurpassed performance.

Coming with the new age retina display feature, the minimal setup, maximum versatility, as well as the pre-installed Mini DisplayPort make this system stand out.

However, the instant peripheral connection is supportive of the dual monitors, and that certainly serves best all the requirements of a multitasker.

3. Henge docks docking station for plastic MacBook 2006-2009

The docking station is best for older MacBooks because it can lock the cables while making the ports accessible.

However, there is only one negative that you will find with this docking station, and that is the need to mount the cable separately with the help of the hex screws. You have to tighten them so that it does not slide down. 

This is the perfect dock that comes with a nice, clean, and organized way of using the Macbook in the form of a desktop.

You can also use your laptop in the form of the main recording setup. The clutter-free design is also quite attractive for the office environment.

It is also a perfect docking station that will give the simultaneous functionality of saving disk space and reducing cluttered cable connections.

The ultimate versatility that you will be getting with the docking station is amazing. It requires no setup at all, and you can plug and play the device.

Bottomline for Henge docks vertical Docking station

Henge docks vertical Docking station easily eliminates the usage of dangling cables. Several cables from the bottom of the dock quickly serve to connect the peripherals without any lag. 

That said, when you choose the Henge vertical docking station, you can rest assured of avoiding all the frustrating issues of cluttered connections.

If you want the built-in cable management system supporting everything in the vertical position, these docking stations are worth opting for.

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