Acer Mini Laptop Review

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Moving towards portable means of working has raised the need for smaller and easy-to-carry technological devices.

This is when the mini laptops come into play. Talking about mini laptops, Acer mini laptops have made their special place in the market with some exceptional quality and performance.

Although one should remember that the company produces a wide variety of other electronics which include smartphones, desktop PCs, VR devices, laptops, peripherals tablets, displays, servers, clamshells (notebooks), storage devices, 2 in 1 PCs, mini Chromebook, etc.

Acer Mini Laptop Review

How does Acer mini Laptop cope with today’s needs?

Even smartphones and tablets are equipped with several highly useful features so why would you use mini laptops such as the Acer mini laptop?

  1. Acer mini laptop is proven to be very useful for traveling professionals.
  2. These mini-laptops are lightweight, easy to carry, and have strong wireless connectivity.
  3. It is beneficial for students who need a general combination of a keyboard with a screen.
  4. Also, these mini laptops have almost all the features that a desktop PC or a 15-16 inches laptop has.
  5. These mini laptops are great to use in offices as well at the time of meetings.

The Acer mini laptop is of great use because it is being continuously improved and updated with features such as a hard drive that has more space along with touchscreen or overall size becoming shorter.

And this is not all, the Acer mini laptops can perform multitasking easily because of enhanced CPU power, and improved memory storage, etc.

How to pick the best Acer mini laptop?

Mentioned below are the three, basic level qualities that you should look for in any good Acer laptop. Also, even if you are purchasing any other type of electronic media then you should take care of these three things. Let us begin.

  1. Choose the best processor
    the processors of sixth-generation are quite good to use and this further means that they are efficient enough to smoothly run the required software and programs. Although the gaming industry continuously increases the demand for a more efficient processor, an apt graphic card with an efficient processor is good enough to play any latest game. One more thing to note is that a processor with a speed somewhere between 2.4 and 3.6 GHz is also a good one.
  2. The right RAM
    When you are going to purchase a new laptop, always make sure that the laptop has the appropriate amount of RAM. This is because with time you are only going to need more RAM for the hassle-free work performance of your laptop, even by the next year only. And so according to today’s time, a RAM of 8 GB is good to go. Your laptop should have at least this much RAM. You can also look for systems in which RAM can be upgraded; this would be a great benefit for future use.
  3. Lithium Battery
    this is important for gamers especially. A computer with a lithium battery will have much more power in comparison to the laptops that possess the lead battery. Productivity can increase by up to 85% more. This will eradicate the need to charge your device again and again. Moreover, you will not face any interruptions and slow-downs due to battery issues. The lithium battery is the one that is most pro-active these days rather than any other.

Some of the best Acer Mini Laptops in the market

Here are some of the best Acer mini laptops that you can consider purchasing for an astounding experience. Let us go through them one by one.

1. Acer Chromebook 11 N7

This comes as a Celeron N3060 and 11.6 “HD Acer Chromebook. You will get 4GB LPDDR3 in this with 32 GB eMMC. There is one more variant of this model as well, different in style, it is N3350.

Now, this mini Chromebook works on the Chrome operating system. The specialty of this lies in fast booting time and in-built virus protection and automatic updates.

What’s more? You will find all the Google apps here which will ease up your task altogether. With a mini Chromebook, you get Google Drive storage of 100 GB.

Also, you can access the files important to you even when you are offline.

The keyboard of this Chromebook is spill-resistant and the durability of this is military-grade. This C731-C118 renders an 11.6 “high definition display and a battery life of 12 hours.

2. Acer Aspire one mini laptop

This is 11.6 inches Netbook that comes with the processor 1 GHz AMD fusion C-60. Also, this Acer Aspire mini laptop has 2 GB DDR3 RAM and storage of 320 GB hard disk drive.

This hard disk drive has an RPM of 5400. Moreover, it has a display of AMD Radeon HD 6290. This Acer Aspire one will provide you with a battery life of 7 hours and the Windows 7 Home Premium.

The link for this product is mentioned below; with the help of this link, you can check the price and availability of the product.

Also, the reviews of the products can be checked along with the frequently asked questions. The exact model is mentioned below.


So we mentioned most of the details about the Acer Company and its mini laptops. You can go for any Acer mini laptop that fulfills the requirements and appeals to you.

Before making the purchase, make sure to check all the specifications of the laptop thoroughly.

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