Google Fi vs Verizon

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Google Fi vs Verizon – Overview

Google Fi and Verizon are two popular network service provider companies. They offer multiple plans for their customers to enjoy high-speed networks. Here, we will help you choose the right network by comparing them.

What is Google Fi?

What Is Google Fi

What Is Google Fi

The unlimited plus plans Google Fi offers are very popular among internet users. Google Fi often allows a shameless roaming experience for their customers. Their customers do not need to pay additional charges to shuffle their convenience without depending on market fluctuations and currency.

What is Verizon?

What is Verizon

What is Verizon

Verizon delivers fast and stable network services all across the US. Their 4G LTE network services are quite famous and satisfying for their customers. The primary focus of Verizon is to deliver high-speed network connections. They prefer to upgrade their technologies to deliver the best experience for their customers.

Difference Between Verizon and Google Fi

There are multiple differences between Verizon and Google Fi networks

1. Price

Verizon is one of the most costly network services in the US. They often charge $5 to $10 more monthly than any other network for their unlimited plans. The starting plan for both Verizon and Google Fi costs $70. With upgraded plans, you will be able to notice the difference in their price range. These networks include different perks and features in their unlimited user plans. 

PlansGoogle FiVerizon
Entry level plan$60 for one line

$45 per line for two lines

$30 per line for three lines

$30 per line for four lines
Start unlimited

$70 for one line

$60 per line for two lines

$45 per line for three lines

$35 per line for four lines
Mid level planUnlimited plus

$70 for one line

$60 per line for two lines

$50 per line for three lines

$45 per line for four lines
Play / Do more unlimited

$80 for one line

$70 per line for two lines

$55 per line for three lines

$45 per line for four lines
High level planNoneGet more unlimited

$90 for one line

$80 per line for two lines

$65 per line for three lines

$55 per line for four lines
Other plans
Flexible plan

$20 for one line

$18 per line for two lines

$17 per line for three lines

$17 per line for four lines

Plus $10 for per GB data used

2. Coverage

Verizon network has covered almost 70% of the country, whereas Google Fit has covered around 59%.

Verizon network offers the best 4G LTE service in the US. They deliver more reliable and stable coverage with high-speed internet in different areas of the country. Their mmWave network can provide a high-speed 5G network for their customers in selected areas.

The network setup of Google Fi is quite great. It has more than one carrier for coverage. Google Fi is the combination of US Cellular, T-Mobile, and the remaining Sprint. If your phone can support the Google Fi network, it can automatically switch connections depending on the best signal speed.

3. Customer Service

Both Verizon and Google Fi try to offer the best customer service for their users. However, the Verizon website can better provide resources for asking questions. They have different tools to monitor data used to offer a better understanding. Verizon also uses social media to offer information and deliver a good user experience.

Google Fit offers transparent customer service to develop the trust and reliability of their services. Their well-designed application can make it easier to manage your account and seek contact with their customer service team.

You can receive direct links to chat, phone, or email their representative to ask your query and resolve your issues. You can also check your billing history with their application and keep track of your purchase.

4. Perks

Verizon offers multiple additional features with their unlimited plans, including Apple Music, Disney Plus, Discovery Plus, Hulu, and ESPN subscriptions. However, Google Fi offers a Google One membership with unlimited plans. 

5. Strengths

The key strengths of Google Fi are-

  • You only have to pay for the data you use.
  • They have intelligent network switching on selective devices
  • You can experience free VPN services for all web traffic
  • They offer seamless international services.

The key strengths of Verizon are-

  • Verizon is the largest and fastest LTE network in the US.
  • You have a greater selection of cell phones for enjoying their services.
  • Some of their starting plans are cheaper.

Some Other Differences Between Verizon and Google Fi

SubjectsVerizonGoogle Fi
Best knownVerizon can offer wireless realm and fixed internet services.Google Fi only allows wireless internet services.
Provision of complimentary phonesVerizon has a wide range of cell phones that can support its network.There are limited technological devices that can support the Google Fi network.
Network providerVerizon comes with only one network provider.Google Fi is the combination of three different network providers.
Predominant countriesVerizon is commonly found in the US. they have minimal access to any neighborhood state.No country has any kind of market dominance for the Google Fi network. They have a Global market.
RangeVerizon has a wide range of equipment, from phones to modems.The range of Google Fi is not that vast.
CoverageVerizon can only extend to 100 different countries in and around the US.Google Fi can offer access to a stable and quality internet connection in almost 200 different countries across the globe.


Both Verizon and Google Fi can offer a stable and quality network service. Verizon can offer reliable and high-speed internet along with multiple additional benefits. However, their plans are a bit more costly than other networks.

On the other hand, Google Fi can deliver great network courage in an affordable price range. Both these networks have several pros and cons. You can always choose your network according to your budget, preference, and requirements.

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