CenturyLink Vs Cox (Reviews, Ratings and Comparison)

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CenturyLink Vs Cox

Both CenturyLink and Cox Communications are reliable ISPs (internet service providers), but some key differences make each of them better for various users. 

CenturyLink offers DSL internet, which mainly covers rural areas. You’ll find that the cost is sometimes higher than the alternatives, but their internet is stronger and more reliable.

Basically, you get what you pay for without any issues.

Cox’s cable internet features a wide variety of perks and speeds that any homeowner would love.

It’s especially a good pick for daily TV watchers who want a premium channel and sports package, large households, and even techies. 

When comparing the services of CenturyLink and Cox, several factors come into play.

However, it’s possible to figure out which ISP best meets your needs. In this review, we’ll look at each provider’s features and plans and compare their usefulness. 

CenturyLink Vs. Cox: Accessibility

CenturyLink Vs Cox

CenturyLink Vs Cox – Accessibility

CenturyLink is accessible in all fifty US states, with its DSL internet reaching close to fifty million people. DSL internet makes up the majority of CenturyLink’s internet network.

The remainder is held by fiber internet, limited to densely populated metropolises such as Phoenix (Arizona), Las Vegas, Nevada, and Seattle (Washington).

As restricted as CenturyLink’s fiber internet coverage is, it still grants them the upper hand over Cox, which is mainly cable internet and only offers fiber to businesses. 

On the other hand, Cox is available in eighteen US states, with its largest coverage in five states, namely Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and Virginia. 

As a result, Cox is able to offer its cable internet to roughly 22 million Americans. Not only do these ISPs cover different areas, but they also have different internet packages. 

CenturyLink Vs. Cox: Approval Rating

CenturyLink Vs Cox

CenturyLink Vs Cox – Approval Rating

Cox Communications has better ratings compared to CenturyLink. Out of twelve main US ISPs, Cox ranks third for overall satisfaction and among the best for customer support, dependability, and download speeds. 

Cox is especially renowned for its customer support. So it comes as no surprise that it performs well in this segment.

So if you’re having issues with your WiFi, you can contact Cox’s 24/7 tech support team or use the live chat feature.

CenturyLink performs poorly when it comes to overall customer approval. But it’s worth noting that CenturyLink’s fiber clients are very pleased with the services they are getting. 

In fact, among fiber clients, CenturyLink scored a 3.7/5 for reliability.

An impressive fifty-six percent of CenturyLink subscribers have also claimed that they haven’t encountered unexpected hidden fees or price hikes. 

CenturyLink Vs Cox: Charges

CenturyLink Vs Cox

CenturyLink Vs Cox – Charges


CenturyLink’s equipment rental fee is $15 per month, slightly higher than Cox’s $13 per month. What’s more, Cox also waves this fee for their three fastest internet plans.

Both ISPs offer subscribers the option to use their own modems and routers so long as they’re compatible. Find out which devices are compatible with CenturyLink and Cox. 


Both CenturyLink and Cox Communications allow self-installation with no hidden fees.

However, if you prefer a certified technician from either ISP to do the installation, you’ll pay up to $130 for CenturyLink and up to $100 for Cox. 

CenturyLink Vs Cox: Perks

CenturyLink Vs Cox

CenturyLink Vs Cox – Perks

There are several perks applicable to all of CenturyLink’s internet-only plans. For instance, the Fiber Gigabit plan has a ‘Price for Life’ warranty.

This means you will pay the same monthly fee as when you joined as long as you keep using the plan.

CenturyLink also doesn’t require you to sign term contracts; you can temporarily pause or even exit the service at any time without incurring penalties. 

Cox is not convenient for people who don’t like being tied down to term contracts.

You have the option of paying an extra ten dollars for a month-to-month plan. But if you decide to go with a contract, the prices are some of the highest after the term expires. 

CenturyLink Vs. Cox: Pricing and Speeds

When it comes to internet services, one of the biggest factors for everyone is price. Beyond that is the quality that one gets from the ISP.

Fortunately, the range of options has expanded for both CenturyLink and Cox. However, keep in mind the prices may vary depending on your area of residence.

So how do you decide which internet plan is right for your household? Well, you can check the table below; it will help you find the right package for your home. 

CenturyLink Vs. Cox Comparison Table

Cox Interent Plans and PricingPrice Max Download SpeedMax Upload SpeedType
Starter 25$30.00/Mo25Mbps3MbpsCable
Essential 50$40.00/Mo50Mbps3MbpsCable
Preffered 250$60.00/Mo250Mbps3MbpsCable
Ultimate 500$80.00/Mo500Mbps10MbpsCable

Final Thought

To sum it all up, the best bet here is CenturyLink’s fiber internet because it offers you gigabit speeds at a way more affordable price than Cox’s cable internet.

However, fiber internet has limited coverage, and CenturyLink’s DSL internet is a lot slower than Cox’s cable internet. 

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