How to Use Sony RX100

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How to Use Sony RX100 – Overview

The Sony RX100, a prominent figure in the point-and-shoot camera segment, requires some learning to fully exploit its capabilities. With a 20.2MP 1″-type Exmor CMOS sensor, this camera promises high-quality imagery. Below are steps and guidelines to enhance your experience with the RX100.

Preparing the Camera

  • Charge the battery by inserting it into the camera and connecting it to a power source. Once charged, remove the battery pack.
  • Insert a memory card (sold separately).
  • Set the language, date, and time.
  • Confirm the operating mode using the control wheel and menu items, utilizing the function button for selection.
  • Shoot still images and movies using the available customized options.
  • Select the shooting mode from the mode dial functions such as intelligent auto program, auto scenes, collection, shutter priority, memory recall, or manual exposure.
  • Adjust shooting functions, including screen display mode and DISP button settings.
  • Adjust the focus by selecting the focus area, Central Lock-On AF, Focus lock, and the AF illuminator.
  • Choose the drive mode, including continuous shooting and self-timer options, using the drive mode and continuous shooting modes.
  • Adjust color tones by setting the white balance and the basic white color in custom setup mode.
  • Customize shooting functions using different function buttons according to your preferences, including photo creativity, face registration, soft skin effect, red-eye reduction, grid line, auto review, and auto object framing.

Getting Prepared for Shooting

  • Set the mode dial to manual exposure.
  • Adjust the value using the control wheel, brightening images with + and darkening with -, aiming for the desired exposure at 0.
  • Adjust the autofocus feature while capturing the subject.

Points to Ponder While Using the Sony RX100

  • ISO auto cannot be selected in manual exposure mode.
  • Set ISO auto to switch to minimum ISO sensitivity in manual exposure mode, adjusting the ISO value as necessary.
  • Indicator flashing occurs when ambient light exceeds the measuring range in manual mode.
  • The steady shot warning indicator is unavailable in exposure mode, and the monitor’s brightness may differ from the actual image.
  • Options for image playback, customizing the image index, deleting images, playing movies, viewing panoramic images, and using functions are available.

Using the Wi-Fi Functions

Building a connection to a smartphone is facilitated by the smart remote feature embedded in the camera. Wi-Fi settings can be adjusted by accessing the main menu on the LCD screen.

The Bottom Line for How to Use Sony RX100

Following the steps outlined above can simplify using the Sony RX100. Setting adjustments can be made to suit specific shooting requirements or photography niches.

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