How to Adjust Nikon D3400 Landscape Photography Settings?

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Adjusting Nikon D3400 Landscape Photography Settings

The Nikon D3400, with its 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor, is highly recommended for landscape photography. This camera captures images with a resolution of 6000×4000 pixels. Using a 50mm lens on the D3400 gives you the equivalent focal length of 75mm on a full-frame camera, making the Nikkor AF-S DX an ideal lens for landscape photography.

Landscape Photography with Nikon D3400


Lens: 35.0 mm f/1.8 at 35 mm

Shutter speed: ¹⁄₃₂₀₀ sec

Aperture: ƒ / 1.8 | ISO 100

Step 1. Selecting the Programmed Auto Mode for Beginners

Programmed Auto mode automatically adjusts settings such as shutter speed and aperture. This mode is ideal for beginners, ensuring optimal exposure for landscape shots.

Step 2. Determining the ISO Sensitivity Settings

Set your ISO sensitivity to 100 for the clearest landscape photos. Auto ISO sensitivity control should generally be on, though it may be turned off for tripod work to maintain consistent ISO. The maximum sensitivity can be set to 3200.

Step 3. Keeping the Autofocus Lock to a Scene

Adjust autofocus settings for landscape photography by assigning the AE-L/AF-L button to AF-On for back-button focusing. This decouples autofocus from the shutter button, allowing for more control. Ensure AF activation is off to avoid altering focus with the shutter button.

Step 4. Setting the Shutter Priority

Shutter priority is crucial for capturing motion in landscape scenes. Selecting a fast shutter speed, like 1/200th sec, freezes motion for sharp images. The maximum shutter speed for flash use is 1/200 sec.

Step 5. Selecting the Aperture Priority

In Aperture Priority mode, you choose the aperture setting while the camera selects the shutter speed. This mode allows control over the depth of field, with higher f-stops like f/11 increasing the depth of field and lower f-stops like f/2.8 decreasing it.

These settings enable Nikon D3400 users to capture stunning landscape photographs.

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