Can You Make A Wired Security Camera Wireless?

Can You Make A Wired Security Camera WirelessCan You Make A Wired Security Camera Wireless

Up until now, security cameras were coming with all the attached wires and cables. Now, this is where connecting the same cables and wires proved to be a big pain for every user.

With technological advancement stepping into almost every domain, these wired security cameras have now been replaced by their wireless counterparts.

Still, if you have already bought a wired security camera and are thinking of turning it into a wireless version, you can do it via the following steps.

Recommended steps for making a wired security camera wireless

Step 1. Look out for the video ‘out’ jack.

Check out the back of the camera while looking for the ‘video out’ jack that is coated with a yellow ring.

Step 2. Connect the video cable to the security camera.

Now gently connect one of the ends of the video cables to the ‘video out’ jack of the camera and the other end to the ‘video in ‘ jack of the wireless transmitter. Please check that the same must also be coated with yellow color and clearly labeled.

Step 3. Switch on the camera and transmitter.

You now need to turn on both the camera and the transmitter. By now, the camera must be able to send video signals and images to the transmitter, transmitting the same signals to the receiver via radio frequency.

Step 4. Establishing a connection with the monitor

Once you finish the same process, you need to connect with the monitor.

To get along with the same process, carefully connect the wireless receiver’s ‘ video out’ jack with the ‘video in ‘ jack of the monitor.

You will most probably find the receiver’s jack at the backside. Still, check the device details for the same as it may differ according to the respective manufacturer.

If you are using a monitor, you can find the jack at the sides. On the other hand, the jack can be found at the back if you are using a television monitor for the same purpose.

Step 5. Turning on the monitor and receiver

Once you have been through with the previous process, you must turn on the monitor and the receiver while setting the monitor to its proper video channel.

The device must label the same setting as ‘Input’ or ‘ Video’.

Step 6. Tuning the wireless receiver

Now, tune in the wireless receiver as per the instructions given in the user manual for the device. Please keep it going until the same gets synced with the wireless video transmitter.

You can now see the images transmitted by the camera on the monitor’s screen.

Summing it up

We have just mentioned the best and easiest ways of turning a wired security camera wireless. Stay tuned for all the latest news and views about your favorite security devices and products.

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