How To Use Sony RX100V?

How to Use Sony RX100V? – Overview

The Sony RX100V flip screen camera comes with a lot of different and unique features in comparison to its predecessors.

Besides a 20 MP CMOS sensor and a 2.9x zoom feature, this camera also comes with the 315-point phase-detection autofocus system to facilitate your photography aspirations perfectly.

Getting started with Sony RX100V

Charging the battery

Charging the battery pack has to be the first thing you need to do while taking this camera out of the package. To initiate the process, gently press the battery lock lever and insert the battery pack as per the instructions available in the user manual.

As you are inserting the battery, make sure that the lever is locked. Once the battery insertion process is finished, this needs to be done as an improper insertion of the battery can create a lot of issues for the camera and functioning later on.

Once the battery has been inserted, you now need to charge it with the provided AC adapter and micro USB cable.

Setting Time and Date

Once you power on the camera, you will be first asked to enter the time, date, and time zone. The details are quite necessary as all the videos and images would come along with a timestamp.

So, providing the right time and date can help you to sort out your favorite images and videos accordingly.

Once you’re done with this process, press the menu button and you come across several pages and icons.

Camera settings

Image size

Being a photographer, you must understand that the larger the image size, the more details will be reproduced by it after getting captured.

On the other side, smaller the image size and you can save more images into the memory card. So it all depends on your needs and requirements about a particular image or video and you must choose the right image size accordingly. Moreover, this would help you to save and print the image further.

Aspect ratio

Here, you can decide what aspect ratio you would like to choose for the required image. Also, this can further help you to crop and edit the image in the photo editor.

Shooting still images

To shoot the required images, you just have to tap on the shutter button halfway and it will help you to focus on the subject. Once the image gets into focus, the camera brings along a certain beep sound within the indication light. You can then fully press the shutter button to shoot the required image.

Shooting videos

Besides images, you can also shoot the video by simply pressing the movie button placed at the top right panel of the camera. After pressing the movie button, the recording process will initiate. To stop the recording, simply press the button again.

The user also needs to note that once the recording process is on and if he or she is using the zoom facility on the device, any sound and disturbance created in between the shots will also get recorded within the video.

Hence, you have to take care of all these aspects to create a perfect video. On the other side, the panoramic shooting range decreased depending on the stability and focus of the subject.

Additionally, the continuous movie shooting mode can be used for 29 minutes at a trot while using this camera. At the end of the recording process, you can restart the same process by simply tapping on the movie button.

Viewing images and videos

The images and videos can be viewed by gently tapping on the playback button placed at the bottom right panel of the camera. After pressing the button, you’ll be taken to the last shot video or image in the camera roll.

Simply scroll down with the help of the multi-selector keys and you can select the required image on the control wheel to make a selection of the image. Gently press the black dot button on the control wheel to make the selection of the image or video.

If you want to erase a certain video or image, just press the delete button present on the camera screen. Please note that the image or video cannot be recovered after its deletion.

The bottom line for how to use Sony RX100V

The camera comes on board with some amazing features and controls. So, to make the best use of these features and settings, you have to master the art of controlling this camera in the best manner possible.

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