How To Use Sony DSC H400?

How To Use Sony DSC H400How To Use Sony DSC H400

Getting Started with Sony DSC H400

Before we start ahead with the Sony DSC H400 ‘how to use’ guide, we must first have a better understanding of its staggering features. The camera has simply made its special place in the world of full-fledged point and shoot cameras

Discussing its remarkable features, this camera flaunts a 20.1 MP sensor alongside HD video capability that is more than enough to give wings to your photography aspirations. Besides, it sports a 63x optical zoom that is very efficient in capturing distant subjects with the utmost ease.

Speaking of its usage and handling-related instructions, you can refer to the guidelines and steps mentioned below.

Charging the Camera

  • Initially, take out the battery from the battery case and connect it to the USB cable that further needs to be plugged into an AC adaptor
  • Now connect the AC adaptor to a power socket and charge it properly
  • The camera can likewise be charged by setting up a connection with a laptop or PC through a USB

Entering the main menu settings

  • Enter the date and time as you enter the main menu for the very first time
  • Once you enter the main menu and set the time/date and language, you will then be prompted with a wide list of settings and features signified by some attractive icons.
  • While picking the Image size and Image aspect ratio, you can use your imagination and photography style. Still, do remember that the camera will only save the image as a JPEG file
  • If you want to set the image compression according to your needs and requirements, change the display size and panorama direction accordingly.
  • With this, you can likewise pick the ideal image file format according to your style and preference.
  • You will also find specific control buttons to help you through exposure, photo creativity, and autofocus.
  • There are different settings and controls available for image shooting purposes. You just have to opt for the desired function button to manage through with the desired features.
  • Now select the setting values while utilizing the control dial. The control dial permits you to change the ideal setting for each shooting mode viably.
  • You can likewise pick altered settings for a list of different functions like time, focus magnification, auto review, speaker level, grid line, zoom setting, function, exposure set guide, menu settings, and custom key settings.
  • You will also be welcomed with various wireless connectivity options that facilitate image and video sharing to external devices like smartphones or computers. Besides, there is a big list of other features available, like one-touch NFC, airplane mode, WPS push, access point settings, edit the device name, and reset network settings.

Shooting the Images and videos

Still images

Press the shutter button halfway down to place the subject in focus. When the subject is in focus, the camera will respond with a click sound as a confirmation. Once the subject has been placed in focus successfully, you can press the shutter button fully to capture the desired shot.


Press the Movie button to start the recording process with the camera. Scroll the zoom menu to locate your preferred zoom ratio and settings. Once you are done with the recording, press the movie button once again to conclude the process.

Adjusting the manual settings

You can adjust the manual settings to capture your desired image or video shot. While doing that, ensure that you have selected the required mode dials and buttons. Speaking of this camera, you can make the best use of various manual exposure modes like Program mode, Shutter priority mode, Aperture priority mode, and so on.

Reviewing the images

Simply press the playback button, and you will be presented with the list of images and videos that have been saved in the camera’s memory card.

To check or select the image, tap on the control button. You can also erase the same image or video while tapping on the Delete button. Do remember that the same video or image cannot be rolled back into the camera after deletion.

Bottom-line for Sony DSC H400 how to use guide

Following the guidelines and instructions referenced above, you can easily get the best out of this camera for your respective photography aspirations.

Meanwhile, if you still face any issues related to its features, settings, or control, refer to the user manual attached to the camera bundle.

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