How To Use Sony DSC H400

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Getting Started with Sony DSC H400

Before diving into the Sony DSC H400 ‘how to use’ guide, let’s first explore its notable features. This camera has secured its position as a formidable player in the point-and-shoot category.

It boasts a 20.1 MP sensor and HD video capability, providing ample opportunity to elevate your photography skills. Additionally, its 63x optical zoom is remarkably effective for capturing distant subjects effortlessly.

The steps and guidelines below are at your disposal for guidance on its operation and handling.

Charging the Camera

  • First, remove the battery from the case and connect it to the USB cable, which should then be plugged into an AC adapter.
  • Connect the AC adapter to a power socket and charge it thoroughly.
  • The camera can also be charged by connecting it to a laptop or PC via USB.

Entering the Main Menu Settings

  • Upon accessing the main menu for the first time, set the date and time.
  • After setting the time/date and language, a broad array of settings and features will be available, represented by distinctive icons.
  • When choosing the Image size and aspect ratio, tailor these settings to your creative vision, though images will only be saved in JPEG format.
  • Adjust image compression, display size, and panorama direction as needed.
  • Select your preferred image file format based on your style and preference.
  • Control buttons for exposure, photo creativity, and autofocus are available to aid in capturing your desired shots.
  • Diverse settings and controls for shooting are accessible; simply select the desired function button to navigate through the features.
  • Use the control dial to adjust setting values for each shooting mode effectively.
  • Customize settings for various functions such as time, focus magnification, auto review, speaker level, grid line, zoom, function, exposure set guide, menu settings, and custom key settings.
  • Wireless connectivity options for sharing images and videos to external devices like smartphones or PCs, including one-touch NFC, airplane mode, WPS push, access point settings, editing device name, and reset network settings.

Shooting Images and Videos

Still Images

To focus on a subject, press the shutter button halfway. A click sound will confirm that the subject is in focus. Then, press the shutter button fully to capture the shot.


Start recording by pressing the Movie button. Use the zoom menu to select your preferred zoom settings. To end the recording, press the Movie button again.

Adjusting Manual Settings

Adjust manual settings to capture your ideal image or video. Ensure you’ve selected the appropriate mode dials and buttons. This camera offers various manual exposure modes like Program mode, Shutter priority mode, and Aperture priority mode, among others.

Reviewing Images

Press the playback button to view saved images and videos on the camera’s memory card.

To review or select an image, use the control button. Pictures or videos can be deleted by pressing the Delete button, but remember that they cannot be restored once deleted.

Bottom Line for Sony DSC H400 How to Use Guide

Following the instructions above, you’ll be well-equipped to utilize the Sony DSC H400 for your photography projects.

If you encounter any issues with its features, settings, or controls, consult the user manual included with the camera.

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