Nikon D3500 Night Photography Settings

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Nikon D3500 Night Photography

Capturing some stunning shots with Nikon D3500 night photography is every photographer’s dream. But not everyone gets the desired results due to a lack of technical knowledge while using Nikon D3500 for night photography.

Now, if you also belong to that list that dreams to capture those heavenly shots without giving much attention to the lighting around, we have some really handy tips to help you out.

Recommended tips for Nikon D3500 night photography

Tip 1. Opt for Manual settings

Shooting in the nighttime in ‘Auto’ mode may put your camera in all sorts of confusion and dilemma. Going in Auto mode, your camera will not be able to rightly figure out the required settings to cater to the low-lit background.

Hence, it’s always recommended to shoot in Manual mode by making the following changes in the camera’s settings.


Using a wider picture is always advisable while you are going along with Nikon D3500 night photography. Well it all depends on the quality of the lens you are using but when it comes to night photography, using a wider lens is always the right idea to go with. That way, you are allowing as much light as possible into the lens of the camera.


Similarly, setting the ISO to a higher value would deliver you the desired results with your night photography aspirations. For the start, you can make it ISO 800 and then do the changes according to the lighting conditions within the surroundings.

While you do that, you must remember that the higher the ISO, the bigger the noise you will be experiencing in the final shot.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed will also play a key role in the attainment of the desired night shot with Nikon D3500 night photography. When the surroundings are low-lit, you must go for a longer shutter speed of 10 seconds or more.
On the other side, if it’s completely dark around, increasing the shutter speed by 2 to 10 seconds is highly recommended.

So it can be said that you must make the required changes in the shutter speed according to the available lighting and the image effects you are opting for.

Tip 2. Getting the required accessories

Besides making the right adjustments and changes with the camera, you also need to ensure the availability of the right and best camera accessories while capturing a night shot. Discussing the list, we must include certain items like a tripod, lens, light reflectors, and so on.


As you are capturing a nice shot, there’s every chance that the camera will go shaky with low shutter speed. Hence, including a tripod is highly recommended in all such circumstances and situations. While you purchase a tripod, please check the quality and performance beforehand.


Picking the right and best lens for night photography isn’t that tough if you know what you are looking for. So, you must be looking for a lens that allows a lot of light to enter the camera. Hence we can say that it is always great to choose a lens with an aperture value of F/1.4 for at least F/2.8.

Go for lenses with wider and longer focal lengths and you can easily capture those dazzling ‘star trails’ and night sky without any hassle.

Tip 3. Using the Bulb mode

Using the bulb mode can help you to capture some stunning shots with Nikon D3500 night photography. Bulb mode permits your camera to keep the shutter open beyond the general 30 seconds maximum limit and this is where you can get the best benefit towards your captured shot.

So, no matter if you are looking to capture those dramatic start rails or clear night sky, using a Bulb mode is always a great idea to go with.

Tip 4. Stay cool and calm

Nikon D3500 night photography requires a lot of patience and calmness. You have to carefully evaluate the surroundings before getting started with a shot.

There is no one- size- fits -all kind of setting that can help you capture the best night shot and hence you must always test your creativity and play with your skills in the same respect.

Bottom-line for Nikon D3500 night photography

No matter if you are a beginner or a photography professional, using these handy tips can make you get the best out of your Nikon D3500 night photography. Please ensure that you are using only the best and most high-quality tools and accessories for the task.

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