How to Use Nikon D3100?

How to Use Nikon D3100How to Use Nikon D3100

How to Use Nikon D3100? – Overview

The new Nikon D3100 supports some cool features and controls. We will cover this DSLR camera the best way we can so you can get the most out of your Nikon D3100. The camera boasts a 14.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor and further brings 11 Autofocus points with the latest 3D tracking technology.

Getting started with Nikon D3100

Toward the front panel of the camera, you will see a ‘Zoom in’ dial, remote control sensor, playback button, AE Lock/AF Lock/Protect button, Command dial, live view switch, delete button, and information edit button, release mode button, help button, and the 3 inch LCD touchscreen.

Coming to the top plate, you can locate the speaker, horseshoe flash button, focal plane indicator, movie record button, shutter button, mode dial, movie record button, and exposure compensation button. You will find the Mic jack, HDMI port, USB/AV port, and an accessory port on the side plate.

Learning about the exposure modes

The Nikon D3100 accompanies a big list of controls and features that facilitate your photography at every step. Still, having the required information and knowledge about its various exposure modes can help you grab the required result with every captured shot.

Auto mode – It’s an automatic setting that permits the camera to click a shot in the ideal settings after keeping the subject and the surroundings into consideration. This setting doesn’t prove to be very effective if you shoot in a surrounding with frequent lighting and movement issues.

Auto-flash off -The settings would continue to be similar to the Auto, with the lone difference being the disabling of the flashlight. Just like the Auto mode, this setting isn’t recommended for shots with low-lit surroundings.

Portrait mode – The camera would examine the subject and its surroundings before deciding to capture the shot. It’s ideal to utilize this setting along these lines while you are shooting ‘Still’ subjects. Presently, the setting may not be productive if the lighting conditions around are not great.

Landscape mode – Subjects in the background and foreground will stay on the camera’s focus with the usage of this model. You can utilize these settings while catching nature or other related subjects. In case lighting is an issue, utilizing the manual exposure settings is advisable instead of this one.

Child mode – this one is specifically meant for capturing shots that include kids and infants. Using these settings, the camera will rightly focus on the subject along with its clothes, hair, eyes, and other aspects.

Sports mode-This mode should be utilized once you are shooting sports or similar activities. The shutter speed will be increased once the camera is using this mode to capture sports or action sequences.

Close-up mode -The focus remains delicate and smooth with this setting. In this way, you can undoubtedly shoot close-by subjects like humans, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, or tiny insects. Do check the depth of field and aperture value while bringing this mode into use, as it may not be useful in every subject in focus.

Night portrait mode –  This mode is highly efficient in bringing some cool and amazing shots, even in dark or low-lit surroundings. The flash mode gets to slow sync and further slows down the shutter speed, bringing brighter backgrounds with soft lighting.

Guide-  It will help you get a sneak peek into all the random steps and guidelines during the capturing of the images and videos. Moreover, every step and instruction related to random camera settings and controls are provided here.

Advanced exposure modes

Besides the exposure modes mentioned above, there are some advanced exposure modes in Nikon D3100 that can take your photography to a whole different level.

Programmed auto-exposure mode – The camera itself picks the required F-stop and shutter speed to bring the desired shot. Still, the user has the option to change the settings according to the requirements of the shot.

Aperture priority auto-exposure – The camera will only pick shutter speed while the F-stop has to be user-selected.

Shutter priority autoexposure– The user will pick the shutter speed while the camera will automatically pick the f-stop to get the desired results.

Manual exposure- The users hereby pick the shutter speed and the f-stop as per their photography style.

Bottom line for how to use Nikon D3100

The Nikon D3100 is capable of capturing some stunning images and videos with its default settings. Use the tips above only after you get accustomed to the standard settings of this camera.

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