How to Use GoPro Hero 4?

How To Use Gopro Hero 4How To Use Gopro Hero 4

How to Use GoPro Hero 4? – Overview

You need to understand the key basics and concepts of GoPro Hero 4 before gaining expertise regarding how to use GoPro Hero4.

Even though this model is a bit old compared to other advanced GoPro camera models, it still carries all the required features and specifications to cater to all of your action photography needs.

Coming to the necessary precautions and guidelines regarding its handling and usage, you can refer to the following instructions in the same respect.

Do’s and don’t’s while using the GoPro Hero 4

List of Do’s

  • Always keep the camera housing on while capturing a video or photo
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the rubber lining of the housing before using the camera underwater
  • locking bolt needs to be secured tightly at every given time
  • Use the provided USB cable to transfer your favorite videos and pictures to another device without removing the Micro SD card

List of Don’t’s

  • Never switch on the GoPro when it’s wet.
  • Never take the battery out in wet or extremely cold conditions
  • Don’t make this camera fall from a height during the shoot and ensure its safety in every aspect
  • Never take off the Micro SD card from the device as they are quite tiny and get lost easily

What will you be getting in the Camera kit?

Along with the GoPro Hero 4 action camera, you will also be getting certain other accessories in the package like :

  • robust plastic housing
  • Monopod
  • locking bolt
  • Head-mount
  • 32GB Micro USB memory card
  • 2 Batteries
  • Mini USB cable
  • Wall charger

Using various features, modes, and settings of the GoPro Hero 4 action camera

The GoPro Hero4 action camera offers you multiple modes to capture your desired shot or video. These are :

  • Video mode (located at the top right of the mode menu screen )
  • Photo mode (located at the top center of the mode menu screen)
  • Multi-shot mode (located at the top left of the mode menu screen)
  • Playback mode (located at the bottom left of the mode menu screen)
  • Set up mode(located at the bottom right of the mode menu screen)

Video mode

Video mode will provide you with 4 different video capturing modes i.e., Video mode, Time-lapse mode, Photo + video, and looping. Each of the models comes with its unique functionality and impact on your given photos and videos.

Video – It is the default mode to capture your desired videos

Time Lapse mode– lets you capture the video from frames recorded at certain intervals. This mode is only available for use in 4K and 2.7K 4:3 resolutions and you won’t get the audio facility in the videos.

Photo+Video – lets you capture a photo at desired intervals while you are capturing the video.

Looping- allows you to record a video while only saving the selected moments constantly. You are further provided with certain intervals for Looping, i.e. 5, 20, 60, and 120 minutes.

Once you stop recording, only the most recent interval (For example- 5 minutes) gets saved. Just in case you are recording for an interval and didn’t press the Shutter/Select button to stop the recording process and save, the camera will initiate a new interval by considering your previous shot.

So, if you select Max Video as the interval, the camera will continue recording until the memory card gets full and then keep overwriting the shot. This is where you have to monitor your shot properly and carefully while using the looping mode!

Photo mode

The photo mode of the GoPro Hero 4 action camera offers you three different modes to capture your favorite pictures :

Single-mode– It is the default photo-capturing mode that allows you to capture your favorite shots without making many changes in the default settings

Continuous shooting mode– You can capture multiple shots until the shutter button is pressed down. This way, you can pick the best shot from the list and save it for further usage.

Night mode– This mode allows you to capture your favorite shots in low-light conditions. Hereby, the shutter speed gets adjusted to accommodate the picture according to the lighting conditions in the surroundings.

Bottomline for How to use GoPro Hero4

GoPro Hero 4 is surely the right action camera if you are about to start ahead with your aspirations in action photography. Moreover, you can refer to the detailed guidelines mentioned above in case of any issues regarding its handling and usage.

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