How to Use GoPro Hero 5?

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The GoPro Hero 5 is equipped with user-friendly features, ensuring minimal difficulty in its operation for first-time users.

This action camera is perfect for vlogs and video shoots, thanks to its exceptional video quality and voice command functionality.

The following steps and guidelines will assist you if you encounter any difficulties with its use and management.

Recommended Steps for How to Use GoPro Hero 5

Step 1. Protect the Camera Lens

Before proceeding with its use, purchasing a high-quality GoPro protective lens cover is advisable to safeguard the camera lens. While the GoPro Hero 5 boasts a waterproof exterior, its lens remains vulnerable to unexpected damage and scratches.

Investing in a superior lens cover is a wise decision. Although the camera includes a lens cap for protection, it may not offer adequate protection in moist environments.

Step 2. Learn to Use the Voice Command Feature

The GoPro Hero 5 features a voice command functionality to simplify your vlogging and video shooting endeavors. Activate it by selecting the voice command icon via the camera’s touch screen.

With this feature enabled, you can command the camera using simple voice commands. For instance, uttering ‘GoPro, start recording’ initiates the video recording process.

This method allows you to effortlessly control the camera’s various features and settings. If you forget any commands, they can be found in the GoPro camera’s preferences list.

Step 3. Using the Timelapse Mode

For enthusiasts of slow-motion videos, the GoPro Hero 5 facilitates the creation of such content.

The camera allows for shooting 4k videos (without audio) tailored to your preferences.

Access the Timelapse mode by selecting the corresponding icon on the main screen, setting it up as desired.

A pro tip: Choose shorter intervals for action or sports sequences. Opt for a mid-range fps value with the Timelapse feature to capture the essence of a sunrise or sunset.

Step 4. Connecting the GoPro with Your Smartphone

Linking the GoPro Hero5 with your smartphone is straightforward via a wireless network. Activate the GoPro’s Wi-Fi and connect with the GoPro capture app (pre-installed on your smartphone).

This app grants you control over most of the GoPro’s settings and features, even from a distance.

Note: An active internet connection is required on both the smartphone and the camera to ensure seamless connectivity.

Step 5. Charging the GoPro

Charging the GoPro Hero 5 is straightforward. Insert the USB charging cable into the camera’s side door and connect the other end to an AC adapter plugged into an electrical outlet.

Alternatively, an external power bank can be used for extended usage. Carefully open and close the side charging door when connecting the power bank’s charging cable.

The Bottom Line for How to Use GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5 is a versatile action camera ideal for vlogs or video shoots involving dynamic or action-packed scenes.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can confidently proceed with your video projects.

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