How to Use GoPro Hero 5?

How To Use Go Pro Hero 5How To Use Go Pro Hero 5

The Go Pro Hero 5 comes on board with some easy-to-manage features, so you won’t need to face many issues regarding how to use the GoPro Hero 5 in the first instance.

Hence, you can go ahead with your vlogs and video shoots while making the most of its impeccable video quality and voice commands feature.

Still, just in case you experience any trouble regarding the usage and handling of this fantastic action cam, refer to the steps and guidelines mentioned below.

Recommended steps for how to use GoPro Hero 5

Step1. Protect the camera lens

Before you go any further with its usage, buy a high-quality GoPro protective lens cover to ensure the camera lens’s safety. The GoPro Hero5 comes with a waterproof body, but its lens is still exposed to unforeseen damage and scratches.

Hence, buying a high-quality lens-protecting cover from the market is always a nice idea. Even though the camera boasts a lens cap for the same purpose, it won’t prove useful once you use the camera in moist surroundings.

Step 2. Learn to use the Voice command feature

The GoPro Hero 5 is now equipped with a voice command feature to facilitate most of your vlogging and video shooting tasks. To turn it on, check on the voice command icon while swiping down the camera’s touch screen.

Once the feature is turned on, you can control the camera’s various features with simple voice commands. For example, you need to say, ‘GoPro, start recording’ once you want to start ahead with the video recording process.

Now, this is precisely how you can control all the other unique features and settings of this gem of an action camera. If you forget any of these commands for random reasons, you can always find them while checking the GoPro camera’s preference list.

Step3. Using the timelapse mode

If you are a big fan of slow-motion videos and want to use the same technique in your vlogs, this feature would help you.

With the GoPro Hero 5 in your kitty, you can quickly shoot 4k videos ( without audio) as per your style and convenience.

Check out the shooting mode icon on the main screen; you will find the Timelapse icon available there. Select your desired settings for the timelapse video, and you are good to go.

Pro tip: Opt for short intervals in case you are shooting sports or action sequences. Moreover, go for the mid-range fps value if you want to capture the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset with the timelapse feature.

Step 4. Connecting the GoPro with your smartphone

You can easily connect the GoPro Hero5 to your smartphone via the wireless network. To get started, turn on the GoPro’s wifi and look for an active connection with the GoPro capture app (which needs to be downloaded beforehand on your smartphone to use the facility).

You can control most of the settings and features of your GoPro while using this app. The device can also be accessed and operated from a distant location using this GoPro capture app.

It must be mentioned here that the smartphone and the camera must be connected to an active internet connection to facilitate the whole process.

Step 5. Charging the Go Pro

The charging process for Gopro Hero 5 is relatively easy. You must insert the USB charging point in the camera’s side door while connecting the other end to an AC adaptor plugged into a power outlet.

On the other side, you can use an external power bank to keep charging if you want to use the camera for extended hours. The side charging door needs to be carefully opened and closed once you put the power bank charging cable point into it.

The bottom line for How to use Go Pro Hero 5

The Go Pro Hero 5 is a full-fledged action camera capable enough to facilitate any vlog or video shoot involving sports or action sequences.

Now that you know how to use GoPro Hero 5, you can proceed with your video shoots without any second thought.

Also, keep checking this space for some more tutorials and other amazing updates regarding your favorite cameras and devices.

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