How to Mount GoPro on Helmet?

How To Mount GoPro On HelmetHow To Mount GoPro On Helmet

Mounting GoPro On Helmet?

Are you gearing up for a Motovlogging shoot but don’t know how to mount GoPro on the helmet? The task isn’t that tough, and all you need to do is take care of a few things in the process.

The GoPro comes inclusive of some add-on accessories that will help you mount the camera on your helmet. These are:

  • The Mounting frame
  • Mounting buckle
  • Thumbscrew
  • Flat adhesive mounts
  • Curved adhesive mounts

Once you have assembled all the given accessories, you can start with the camera mounting process on your helmet.

Recommended steps for How to mount GoPro on a Helmet

Step 1. Fitting the GoPro in the frame

Before going any further, attach the GoPro to the camera mounts. First, unlock the given latch on the mount and gently open the provided door. Afterward, carefully slide the camera to make it sit smoothly against the mounting frame’s front edge.

Once you have ensured that the camera has sat down properly to the mounting frame, close the mounted door and lock the latch. Your GoPro is now properly attached to the frame and ready to get mounted on the helmet.

Step 2. Attaching the GoPro to the mount

The GoPro is attached to the frame, and you can proceed with attaching the GoPro to the mount. Now, you have two options to go ahead with the task – using a mounting buckle or attaching the frame directly to the camera mount.

Resume the rest of the process depending on your chosen option. Once done, gently interlock the Frame’s mounting fingers to the buckle’s mounting fingers to avoid it from loosening up during the vlogging or the video shoot.

Afterward, tighten the frame to the mounting buckle while using a thumbscrew provided in the package. Proceed with the mounting buckle’s attachment to the mount once you finish the previous process. To get ahead, turn up the buckle plug on the mount and carefully slide the mounting buckle into it.

You have to be careful and gentle while ensuring that the buckle rightly fits into the mount without any issues. Once done, ensure the mount sits in the buckle while pressing the plug back.

Step 3. Attaching the mount to the helmet

Now, here comes the final step. Just attach the mount to the helmet while using the adhesive mounts. Even though the process sounds simple, you still need to take care of a few things while going ahead with the task.

  • Finish up with the attachment process via adhesive mounts at least 24 hours before their usage.
  • Ensure attaching the mounts to even surfaces with no rusting or dirt. Attaching them to permeable or rusty surfaces won’t provide you with the required hold and grip.
  • While attaching the mount to the helmet, gently press them to ensure the adhesive sticks properly with the helmet surface.
  • Check and clean the surface properly before using the adhesive. Any dirt or debris left on the surface will weaken the hold, and you may end up losing your camera during the shooting.
  • Use the adhesive mounts at room temperature, as they won’t work properly in cold, dry, and damp surroundings.
  • Check through the local guidelines and rules regarding the usage of camera mounts on your helmet, as you may be subject to certain penalties or fines in case of any breach or violation of the same rules.
  • To stay safe, avoid using a tether while mounting the camera to the helmet. In case of an accident, the same may lead to certain severe injuries.
  • Use a high-quality helmet that meets the existing safety standards of the country or the region.

Bottomline for how to mount GoPro on the helmet

The process regarding how to mount GoPro on the helmet is quite easy. Still, keeping all the precautions and steps mentioned above in mind will help you during the task.

Also, while you are picking the helmet for the vlog or the video shoot, make sure to go with the right quality and fit.

Moreover, in case you are using the GoPro for any water sporting activity, use a floaty grip or casing to save it from sinking. Keep checking this space for more amazing updates and reviews regarding your favorite cameras and related accessories.

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