How to Mount GoPro on Helmet

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Mounting GoPro On Helmet

Mounting a GoPro on your helmet for a Motovlogging shoot or any adventurous activity can be straightforward if you know the right steps and have the necessary accessories. The GoPro package typically includes accessories that facilitate easy mounting on your helmet, such as:

  • The Mounting frame
  • Mounting buckle
  • Thumbscrew
  • Flat adhesive mounts
  • Curved adhesive mounts

Gathering these components will prepare you to attach the camera securely to your helmet.

Recommended Steps for How to Mount GoPro on a Helmet

Step 1. Fitting the GoPro in the Frame

Start by securing the GoPro within its mounting frame. Unlock the latch on the mount, open the door, and slide the camera in until it sits flush against the frame’s front edge. After ensuring the camera is properly seated, close the door and secure the latch.

Step 2. Attaching the GoPro to the Mount

With the GoPro attached to the frame, you can now proceed to attach it to the mount using either the mounting buckle or by connecting the frame directly to the camera mount. Interlock the frame’s mounting fingers with the buckle’s mounting fingers to prevent loosening during activity.

Use the thumbscrew to tighten the frame to the buckle, then attach the mounting buckle to the mount by sliding it into place, ensuring a secure fit.

Step 3. Attaching the Mount to the Helmet

The final step involves attaching the mount to the helmet using the adhesive mounts. While this step is crucial, it requires attention to detail:

  • Attach the mounts to the helmet at least 24 hours before use.
  • Ensure the helmet surface is clean, smooth, and free from rust or dirt.
  • Press firmly to secure the adhesive bond between the mount and the helmet surface.
  • Clean the helmet surface thoroughly before attachment to eliminate any debris.
  • Apply the adhesive mounts at room temperature for optimal adhesion.
  • Be aware of local regulations regarding using camera mounts on helmets to avoid fines.
  • Avoid using a rope for safety reasons, as it could pose a risk in an accident.
  • Opt for a high-quality helmet that complies with safety standards in your region.

Bottomline for How to Mount GoPro on the Helmet

While mounting a GoPro on a helmet is relatively simple, adhering to the steps and precautions outlined above is key to a secure setup. Choosing the right helmet, considering local regulations, and properly preparing the mount and helmet surface are all critical factors.

Additionally, consider using a floaty grip or casing for water sports to protect your GoPro. Stay informed with more updates and reviews on cameras and accessories.

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