How To Use Canon Rebel T3i?

How To Use Canon Rebel T3iHow To Use Canon Rebel T3i

How to Use Canon Rebel T3i? – Overview

Before you head on to the guidelines and instructions regarding how to use Canon Rebel t3i, you must first understand its basic features and settings.

With an 18MP CMOS sensor and the capability to shoot full HD videos, the Canon Rebel T3i is surely one of the best DSLRs available. Still, some features and settings might come hard on first-time users.

Hence, going by the steps and guidelines mentioned below is highly recommended.

Getting started with Canon Rebel T3i

Charging the battery

The first thing you have to do here is regarding the battery supplied with Canon Rebel T3i. Initially, take off the protective cover on the bottom side of the camera body. Afterward, insert the battery carefully into the given slot.

Now, recharge the battery by plugging the USB cable into a power outlet or a USB adaptor. The charging process would then start automatically once the charging lamp turns orange.

Opting for the required exposure mode

Selecting the right mode dial holds some great significance for the overall quality of your captured shot or video. The respective mode dial will also ascertain the exposure along with all the related specifications, settings and controls within the camera.

Speaking of Canon Rebel T3, some of the mode dials, like auto mode, landscape mode, portrait mode, and food mode, come as automated mode settings.

So, the camera holds the power to adjust these settings once you look forward to capturing your desired shots or videos.

On the other side, there are specific controls like the program, shutter speed, aperture value, and manual exposure that can be adjusted according to the user’s need and preference during any given shot.

Getting the right camera settings

To shoot a portrait

Once you try to capture a still portrait with this camera, widen up the aperture to blur the background and put the required focus on the subject instead.

As you’re doing it, the shutter speed also needs to be increased to tackle any unwanted movement or camera shaking while the short is captured. On the other side, you can also ask the subject to stay still once the shot is captured.

Moreover, if you’re looking to capture a candid portrait shot, opt for a faster shutter speed to cope with the subject movement. Additionally, keep the aperture value – F/ 5.6 and you can get the desired output with your capture shot or video.

Capturing action shots

If you aim to capture action sequences, the shutter speed will play a critical role during the same process. So, the shutter speed that was used during the candid portrait shots won’t be good for this purpose. In this case, you have to go for a faster shutter speed to freeze the action or speedy movement of the subject in focus.

Moreover, nothing much needs to be done with the aperture as the value used for candid portrait shots will also go well for action shots.

Capturing night shots

Similarly, if you are looking to shoot some impactful night shots, there’s a little bit of change and adjustment you have to do with the camera settings. Go for a higher shutter speed to cope with the lighting conditions within the surroundings.

Also, it would be best if you increased the aperture value to make it go well with the desired depth of field. The same adjustment may not be required if you shoot in well-lit surroundings.

Also, you need not scroll down the camera menu frequently to suit your desired shorts or videos. The camera comes with a night shot mode that can be used for the same purpose.

Capturing landscapes

Additionally, if you aim to capture some amazing landscape shots with Canon Rebel T3I, you have to be a bit careful with the camera settings. Moreover, just to make it easier for you, you can use the auto white balance feature if the surroundings are well-lit.

While you do that, make the right adjustment to get the desired depth of field for the respective shot or video. If you are a beginner in photography, you must understand that the depth of field is that particular zone or area of the image that stays on the camera’s focus.

So you do have the option of using a higher aperture value or the landscape mode available in the camera to get the desired quality and sharpness in your captured image or videos.

The bottom line for How to use Canon Rebel t3i

Once you have gone through the list of steps and guidelines mentioned above, you will find it easier to manage the settings and controls of the camera.

From here on, you can do a bit of an experiment in terms of choosing the controls and modes according to your style and preference.

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