How To Use Canon 1300D?

How To Use Canon 1300DHow To Use Canon 1300D

How to Use Canon 1300D? – Overview

New to Canon 1300D photography? Let’s examine its stunning features and settings.

The camera comes with a 17.9MP APS-C sensor and a 1080/30p video facility. Besides, it delivers 500 shots per battery charge and that is something that makes this camera a class apart.

So, before you start with your first shot with this masterpiece, get accustomed to its controls and features by referring to the following instructions.

Getting started with Canon 1300D photography

Before you go any further with Canon 1300D photography, don’t forget to charge the camera battery.

Canon offers the battery case separately in the package and you need to take it out, insert it into the provided slot and charge with the help of the given USB cable and adapter.

Once done, you can move ahead with the selection of the time, date, and language by scrolling down the main menu of Canon 1300D.

Opting for the desired right Mode

Choosing the correct mode dial plays a key role in the overall quality, clarity, and sharpness of your clicked shot. The mode you select will decide the exposure alongside all the unique settings and features in this camera.

With Canon 1300D, the controls remain with the camera while shooting in auto mode, landscape mode, portrait mode, and food mode. In addition, you can oversee other manual controls like program, aperture, shutter speed, and manual exposure as per your photography style.

Getting the desired camera settings

To Shoot a Portrait

In case you are looking forward to a portrait shot, widen the aperture to blur the subjects in the background and put the required focus on the main subject only. During the process, you may need to increase the shutter speed to eliminate the occurrence of any undesirable camera shaking and movement.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the subject must stay still during the shoot. In case of a candid portrait shot, opt for a faster shutter speed to conceal the movement of the subject. On the opposite side, keeping the aperture by f/5.6 can assist you with getting the ideal shot.

Capturing Action sequences

Besides, if you are capturing action sequences or faster moving subjects, the shutter speed will play a critical part in the overall shoot.

Along these lines, the shutter speed you utilized for still or candid portrait shots may not work here and you need to choose a higher shutter speed to match the speed of the faster moving subjects.

Additionally, you don’t have to do much with the aperture value, as the one utilized for the still portrait shoot will go well.

Capturing Night shots

In case you’re trying to capture some stunning night shots, you need to experiment a bit with the camera settings.

Subsequently, going with a higher shutter speed can help you to adjust according to the low lit surroundings. Furthermore, the aperture additionally should be widened to get the necessary depth of field in the night shot.

Similar settings may not be needed if the subject and the background are well-lit. The camera offers you remote access via wifi with a smartphone and you can control and manage any shot in that manner.

A similar facility wasn’t available in previous camera models and this is where Canon 1300D photography gives you an extra edge over other photographers.

Capturing the best Landscape shots

Shooting perfect landscape shots in Canon 1300D photography is relatively easier and you can use the landscape mode for that purpose. Use the auto-white balance setting if the surroundings are well-lit.

In addition, you can set the required depth of field by keeping an eye on the camera’s controls in a similar regard. Talking about the depth of field, it is that specific frame of the shot that has been put on focus by the camera.

So, if you are trying to capture both the nearby and distant subjects with equal sharpness, go for a higher F stop value. Doing this will bring the required clarity, sharpness, and details to the captured shot.

Bottom line for Canon 1300D photography

Canon 1300D can help you to take your photography aspirations to a whole different level. With all the exquisite features and settings, this masterpiece possesses all the superpowers to enhance your image and video shooting capabilities.

Please let us know your feedback and questions in the comments section below. Do mention if you want us to review your favorite camera or gadget in our next post.

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