How to Turn on Wifi on HP Laptop Without Button | 4 Steps

How to turn on WiFi on an HP laptop without a button (the WiFi key is not working)?

How to turn on the wifi on an HP laptop without a button? The short answer is using a wireless keyboard.

WiFi can certainly be termed as an undeniable part of our daily life and we cannot think of doing our work effortlessly or smoothly without access to the internet. In case you are facing issues of turning on your HP laptop wifi using its wifi key then read on.

1. Make sure the wireless button or key is not working

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without button - settings

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – settings

The Wireless Fidelity buttons are available on most laptops. You can switch your wifi on or off using that key or button.

You need to check the wifi status to verify whether the wifi is turned on or not. Press the button and wait for a few seconds(around 10 seconds).

Check whether the icon for your Wireless connection has changed or not. Wireless LED light indicator is also available on your HP laptop.

If you are unable to see any light then check the status of your WiFi connection by hovering the mouse over the wifi icon that is present on the taskbar menu.

You should try to connect to the internet again if the signal is turned on. In case the connection is turned off then you should switch it on and try to connect with it again.

2. Update the drivers of Wireless Network

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without button - driver update

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – driver update

Update your Windows and follow the given steps to do it:

  • You may go to the settings search box and look for the Windows Update settings
  • The windows update settings in the HP laptop are not connected to the Wifi in Windows 10
  • Select the option of a check for updates
  • You may check the update for which the HP laptop cannot connect with the WiFi.
  • The new updates will be installed soon after which you may try to connect with the internet settings as well.

The HP Support Assistant can also help you in this respect. The steps to be followed are:

  • Go to the search box on your windows search for HP Support Assistant. Install it if not yet installed.
  • You can select your device from the option of my devices tab
  • Check on the updates by clicking on Check for updates and messages option.
  • If no new update is presented, try different methods of updating.

3. Use automatic troubleshooting

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without button - network diagnostics

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – network diagnostics

The HP support assistant can help to fix HP wifi issues. It is a software assistant which is used for the supporting of the diagnosis and the troubleshooting till which can clear out many network and internet connection related problems that are specific for the HP machines.

In the absence of this software, you can use the automated troubleshooter which comes with Windows 10 by following the given steps below:

  • You can press the wireless button or key on the computer for enabling the wireless adapter. The light blue color light is lightened up, the feature is enabled. You can try to connect with the internet again
  • If the computer does not possess a wireless key or button, or in the car, the light is off you may approach the HP support assistant
  • Click to select the device from the My devices tab among various other devices.
  • Move onto the Troubleshooting and fixes option
  • HP Network Check is clicked upon
  • Yes is to be pressed, if the user account control message tab is displayed
  • On the given screen of HP Network Check welcome, Next is to be clicked which can help to run the diagnostics of the network. If any issue is found, the next step will be performed
  • Possible Root Causes can be expanded if considered necessary
  • The causes listed is to be checked and the tool icons must be pressed upon to resolve the arising issue
  • Click on the option of Re-check
  • Repeat this till the network connectivity is resolved or repairs have been completed.

4. Check and reset the hardware

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without button - check and reset hardware

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – check and reset the hardware

Sometimes there are issues with the hardware system of your laptop. These problems can prevent HP laptops from connecting with Wifi. The steps to clear this problem are:

  • You must off your laptop
  • You have to Disconnect the power cord from the main router of the power of the network you are using is the user of a wireless router/gateway/modern or the combination of all these
  • You must Disconnect the power cord from the supply of the broadband modem, in case of the network system of your laptop has been using a separate broadband modem
  • Now, you have to wait for 5 seconds and the power cord will be reconnected immediately to the router or the broadband modem whichever system you are using to restore the network connectivity
  • You have to wait till all lights are on and the normal reflecting internet is restored. The laptop activity must return to normal first. The power sources must be checked. The lights when are switched off or a power outlet different from the other must be used. The network is not connected with and the light is on, the cable which carries the internet connection must be checked. The light blinking of the Led but the failure to achieve the internet connection might mean that the ISP is in trouble. In this case, you have nothing to do but wait.
  • Turn on your laptop to see if the connectivity is restored. This is the last thing you can do if your hardware is an issue.

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