How to Add Copyright On Photos Using Nikon D5600

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How To Add Copyright On Photos Using The Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600, succeeding the Nikon D5500, introduces several updates, including Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a digital SLR camera with an interchangeable Nikon F-mount lens system. Following its launch, the Nikon D5600 was well-received and praised for its full HD display, built-in time-lapse movie feature, and high-quality touchscreen, among other unique features. Critics have highly regarded it.

Copyright is crucial for protecting the exclusive rights of content creators and preventing unauthorized use of their work across various mediums.

With the Nikon D5600, photographers can embed copyright information directly into their images, protecting against unauthorized distribution.

Here’s how you can add copyright information to your photos with the Nikon D5600:

Step 1

First, access the setup menu on your Nikon D5600 to add copyright information, which houses all essential camera settings. The menu button is located on the back of the camera, towards the top left side, clearly marked as ‘Menu’. Press this to open your camera’s menu options.

Step 2

Scroll down to find the ‘Copyright Information’ option in the menu. If you haven’t added copyright information before, this option will appear as OFF. If copyright has already been set, it will indicate as such.

Select this option to proceed. If it’s set to OFF, enable it, leading to a new window for entering your copyright details.

Step 3

Upon selection, a window appears for you to input copyright details, featuring fields for ‘Artist’ and ‘Copyright’. Here, enter your name or your company’s name as the copyright holder.

Select ‘Artist’ to bring up a keyboard for text entry. After entering your name, confirm by selecting OK. Repeat the process for the ‘Copyright’ field to include additional copyright details.

Step 4

After entering all necessary information, confirm by selecting OK. Double-check to ensure accuracy before exiting. Navigate back to the main menu and exit to save your settings.

This procedure ensures that your images carry copyright information, protecting against unauthorized use.


Copyright is vital for protecting your photographic works. Following these steps, you can securely embed copyright information into photos taken with the Nikon D5600.

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