How to Add Copyright On Photos Using Nikon D5600

How To Add Copyright On Photos Using The Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600 is the successor of the Nikon D5500 and comes with a few changes, especially a Bluetooth connection.

It is a digital single-lens camera with an interchangeable Nikon F-mount lens. The Nikon D5600 received a good response after its launch.

It has a full HD display along with an in-built time-lapse movie feature. It also has an excellent touch screen, along with various other unique features. The critics voted it to be the Best DSLR.

We all know what a copyright is and how it protects the exclusive right of the content creator to be the sole preacher of the work.

The concept of Copyright has a very significant effect in various aspects and is a considerable element in the distribution of products and arts.

The Copyright has also been imprinted on images directly from the camera, to stop the free use of pictures by the photographers.

By putting the copyright option on the photos of your camera, you can help in preventing unauthorized use of your clicked pictures.

The Nikon D5600 also has an option to put the Copyright marked on your image. The way you can do that is –

Step 1

The copyright option of the D5600 helps you to tag your files with your name and the other copyright data. To add the copyright option, first, go to the setup menu.

The setup menu contains all the necessary options for your camera. The menu button is towards the back of the camera on the top left part of the screen.

The button is tagged with the menu option. Click that button to open the menu option of your camera.

Step 2

After opening the menu option, you have to scroll down to find the copyright option. The option is ‘Copyright Information’ on the menu.

The option will show as OFF since you have not put the copyright option. In case you already have Copyright on the image, the button will show as Yes.

Now the next step is to click yes if the option is No. This will change the copyright aspect of your image and will open a new window.

Step 3

After you click on the copyright option, another window will appear. This window shows the copyright details of your images.

This window contains two unique spaces one is Artist, and another is Copyright. Now in this window, you can add your name or your company’s name under which you want the image to be copyrighted.

To add your or your company’s name, click on the Artist option, which will make a keyboard appear.

On this keyboard, put your or your company’s name and click ok. Next, you will see the space under the option Artist will now have the copyright owner’s tag.

If it still is empty, click on the name of the Artist again to do the process again. After that, click on the second option tagged Copyright, to open the window and put the rest of the details.

Step 4

In the next level, click ok after putting on all the details and recheck it to make sure you have put all the right information.

After checking it clicks on the back option to go back to the setup menu. Then again click on the back option, to exit the setup menu.

Doing this, you will make sure that your image will have the Copyright of your or your company’s tag, and when you export the picture, it will be copyrighted to prevent any unauthorized usage.


Copyright is an essential aspect to safeguard your clicked images and creations from free use without your permission.

You can follow these above steps to put Copyright in the photos clicked by the Nikon D5600.

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