How to Make iPad Spy Camera?

How to Make iPad Spy CameraHow to Make iPad Spy Camera

Before making an iPad spy camera, certain applications need to be downloaded on your IOS device.

There are random apps on the Apps Store (free and paid) that facilitate your iPad’s transformation into a full-fledged spy camera in no time.

Recommended apps to help you turn your iPad into a spy camera

How to Make iPad Spy Camera

How to Make iPad Spy Camera – Recommended apps to help you


Many things let your iPad turn into a specialized spy camera within a few minutes. All you need to do is download the application from the app store. Speaking of its key features, it allows the user to :

• View live camera feeds and recorded video from their preferred location
• Save their videos and recordings to a much secured ‘Manything cloud’
• Remotely access and control cameras while managing the adjusted detection zones and camera sensitivity
• Get motion detection alerts
• Download and share video

Currently, the app allows only one iOS device to be connected to their system for free, and you have to subscribe to their plans to add more devices.

Presence Video Security

Presence Video Security is another app that can help you turn your old iPad into a perfect spy camera. Download this app, and you are ready to use your old iPad as a spy camera in just 5 minutes.

Besides offering you a two-way audio feature, it also lets you store the live video recordings in the cloud.

You can also upgrade to the Presence of pro video by paying a nominal subscription charge. If there is any intrusion or unnecessary movement around your vicinity, it sends direct alerts to your smart device.

Besides, it offers you some add-on features and controls on Pro video that are :

• 5 GB encrypted cloud storage
• Faster and more precise recordings
• Longer video recordings
• Instant Camera Alarm
• Priority feedback
• Clearer video streams
• Additional Privacy Features

Recommended steps for how to make an iPad spy camera

Step 1. Positioning the iPad spy camera

Once you have downloaded the required app, you must position the iPad spy camera to the desired location.

In doing that, you must ensure that the device cannot be easily located and tracked by the onlookers. Additionally, choose the right height, the field of view, and the viewing angle according to your requirements.

Depending on the purpose and subject of spying, you need to place this iPad spy camera at the specified location.

Ideally, given its appearance, you can hide it within the photo frame or any household object that does justice to its shape and size.

You can also use a mount or tripod to fix it on the wall or any desk around your home or office.

Regardless of the place or location, ensure it is near a power outlet so that you can charge the battery with the lightning USB cable.

The placement of the cables and device needs to be such that no visitors and onlookers get suspicious about its presence, and you can easily get your purpose of spying sorted.

Additionally, you can use random power banks to charge the iPad and use shorter USB cables to conceal its functioning.

Step2. Testing the iPad spy camera

Once you have positioned the spy camera, you now need to test its functioning while checking or logging onto the downloaded apps. Please note that these apps work while connecting to the Wi-Fi network 24/7.

If you have upgraded to the chargeable plans offered by these apps, you can access many other high-end features like faster alarms, clearer & longer recordings, and unlimited cloud storage.

You can add more iOS devices to these apps while paying an extra charge, which gives you the privilege of remotely accessing the iPad spy camera from your preferred location and zone.

Try to make random movements and gestures in front of the iPad spy camera and see if the iPad spy camera is working according to your expectations.

Bottom-line for How to Make iPad Spy Camera

Making an iPad spy camera is quite easy, especially if you have the right and most feasible security camera app downloaded on your device.

Still, spying with video surveillance devices may require you to follow certain rules according to your city or state, so you must adhere to these while proceeding with the task.

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