How to Make a Spy Camera From Old Phone?

How to Make a Spy Camera From Old PhoneHow to Make a Spy Camera From Old Phone

Do you have an old smartphone that is simply gathering dust at some random corner around your place? Don’t throw it away just yet! This article will show you how to make a spy camera from an old phone.

All you need to do is grab that old phone and simply follow the steps and instructions mentioned below.

Recommended steps regarding how to make a spy camera from an Old Phone

Step 1. Turn your old phone into a spy camera

The first and foremost thing you need to do is set up your old phone into a spy camera. To start with the process, you just need to download a spy camera application on your old phone.

Most spy camera apps offer a list of features like video recording, video storage, Cloud streaming, local streaming, motion detection, and so on.

They may or may not ask you for a subscription for these services, so choose accordingly.

Once the application has been downloaded, you then need to install and sync it with your old phone. 

There are certain websites and platforms online that allow you to get remote access to the live feed, alerts, motion detection, free cloud storage, and two-way audio feed with the usage of your standard old phone while using both the rear and front cameras.

These applications are available for both Android and iOS devices (may come with a subscription fee) and you just need to follow the instructions provided to download and install them on the device.

Speaking of spy camera applications, you may find ones that will charge you some good subscription fees for the services.

Besides, there are many free options available that will provide you with some basic features and controls while using the old phone as a spy camera.

Choose according to your respective needs and preferences.

Step 2. Positioning the spy camera

Once the old phone has been set up to function as a spy camera, you now need to find a suitable position and spot to place it.

The location could be any random place around your vicinity i.e. the doorway, the backyard, or any place of your choice and preference.

No matter where you place it, you must ensure to keep its appearance hidden from visitors. By doing that, you can easily ensure getting your purpose is solved to build the spy camera. Be sure to comply with privacy and one-party consent rules.

Besides positioning the customized spy camera, you can also place an IP camera to work as a mini-monitor for the whole security system.

Step 3. Powering the spy camera

After placing and positioning the spy camera in the right place and spot, you now need to look for a proper power source to help with its uninterrupted functioning.

Besides, you can use a smartphone tripod or a car mount to place it on a table drawer or any other preferred spot.

You can also buy a wide-angle lens separately and attach it to the old phone-turned-spy camera to broaden the overall area under coverage.

Most of the high-end features like live streaming and video recording require a regular power supply and your phone will be at work 24x 7.

Hence, you need to position it nearby to a suitable power source.

In case the surroundings don’t have any nearby power source, you can buy a separate lightning cable or USB cable( depending on the IOS or Android device you are using for the same purpose).

Step 4. Testing the spy camera

Testing the functioning of the spy camera is a prerequisite before putting it to general use.

Try to make random movements and gestures in front of the camera to check whether it’s capturing all the required footage and images as per your expectations.

Once you are sure of its functioning and performance, the spy camera is ready for use. Keep checking the spy camera at regular intervals to avoid the emergence of any technical or general issues during its functioning.

The bottom line for how to make a spy camera from an Old Phone

Selling old phones at a fraction of their original price may not be the right idea. You can instead put them to some good use at your place( subject to their proper functioning) by turning them into a spy camera.

Additionally, let us know if you want us to come up with some more amazing ideas and tips regarding your favorite security gadgets and devices.

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