How to Scan Documents on iPhone

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How to Scan Documents on iPhone – Overview

Sometimes, you need to convert an important document into a digital file. You may want to include a registration, receipt or another form of proof for filling out online forms. In addition, it is also safer, more convenient, and easier to store important documents in digital format on cloud servers. This makes them easy to access from anywhere and at any time. The most common form of digitalized document is PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

Earlier, iPhone users would either have to use a special device or a third-party phone app to click a picture of the document and then convert it into a PDF file. Fortunately, Apple has added a handy document scanner to its Files and Notes apps. This feature is extremely good at capturing and converting most paper documents into PDF form.

However, not every iPhone user knows of this incredible feature. To help you, this article details how to scan documents on an iPhone and save them as PDFs.

Scan Documents and Save with Files or Notes apps on iPhone.

There are two ways to do this. First, you can scan the document into Notes apps and then save it as a PDF file. You can also scan a document and save it in PDF format in the Files app.

Here are the steps to scan documents on an iPhone:

How to Scan Documents on iPhone

Steps to scan documents on iPhone

1 – Create a new Note and add Scan

Here’s how to create a new Note and scan it to convert it into a PDF:

1. Open the Notes App, and select “New Note”/Open Note which you wish to scan.

2. Press the Camera icon and choose the ‘Scan Documents’ option

3. Hold the iPhone exactly over the document till it is highlighted

4. Drag the corner to adjust the scan and, select ‘Keep Scan,’ press ‘Save.’

2 – Move the document from Notes to Files as PDF

1. Open the Note App with the scanned document

2. Select the scanned document, then tap on the ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner

3. Select the ‘Save to Files’ option

4. Choose a folder in Files to save the PDF file, rename the file at the bottom of the screen

3 – Scan the document directly into the Files app

You can directly scan documents into the Files app instead of saving a scanned document in the Notes app. This will also save the document in PDF format. This PDF is easier to share with others through cloud services.

Here’s how to scan documents on iPhone directly into Files:

1. Open Files App

2. Choose the location where you want to save the scan

3. Click on the (…) more button in the upper right corner, select the ‘Scan Documents’ option

4. Align the document and tap the shutter button, then hold still till the document is captured as an image

5. Add additional scans, if needed, before tapping on ‘Save’ to confirm your selection

6. The scan gets saved in your selected location in PDF format, usually named ‘Scanned Document,’ which can be renamed easily

7. Once the scan is created, you can choose it and use the share button to send it over to the cloud


These are the easiest ways to scan documents on an iPhone. These documents are saved in the universally popular PDF format which makes it easier to store and share with convenience. It is essential to know all the tricks and tips to get the most out of your iPhone.


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