5 Super Cool GoPro Tricks

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Awesome GoPro Tricks

Looking to elevate your vlogging game with some innovative GoPro techniques? Here are tips and tricks to enhance your GoPro filming adventures. GoPro has carved a niche in the photography industry, offering standout features and capabilities at a reasonable price compared to its competitors.

For those new to GoPro or seeking to expand their skills, these handy tricks will help advance your vlogging endeavors.

5 Cool GoPro Tricks

1. Using GoPro Red Filters for Underwater Shooting

Underwater filming requires careful consideration of camera handling and accessories. GoPro lenses may experience color distortion in saltwater environments. Most professional vloggers and photographers recommend using a red filter to capture the true colors of underwater scenes, ensuring your lens’s safety.

2. Don’t Go Overboard with GoPro Accessories

While action cameras are designed for capturing dynamic shots from challenging angles, overloading on accessories can hinder rather than help. Investing in only the necessary accessories to support your filming needs is wise. A versatile 3-in-1 mount, combining a tripod, camera grip, and selfie stick, is highly recommended by professionals for its convenience. However, this mount may not be suitable for activities like skydiving.

3. Always Use Timelapse Mode for Underwater Shots

Timelapse mode is particularly effective for underwater photography, capturing images to ensure you don’t miss any memorable moments. Set your GoPro to Timelapse mode with a 2-second interval for continuous shooting. To avoid blur, remain as still as possible during capture.

4. Check Lighting Conditions While Shooting at High Frame Rates

Vloggers aiming for high frame rate footage must ensure adequate lighting. Poor lighting can compromise video quality, necessitating adjustments to either lighting or the frame rate for optimal results.

5. Using the Right Video Settings

Familiarity with your GoPro’s video settings is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes:

Regular Video: Default setting for most GoPros, ideal for general filming at 1080p and 60fps.

Super Slow Motion: Suitable for capturing detailed slow-motion footage, though higher frame rates may reduce resolution.

Point of View (POV): Best for first-person perspective shots, offering 1080p SuperView at 80fps.

Slow-Motion POV: Similar to POV but with increased frame rates for slow-motion effects.

Bottomline for Cool GoPro Tricks

GoPro cameras empower users to unleash their creativity and innovation in various shooting scenarios. Experiment with these GoPro tricks to produce captivating videos and vlogs on your next adventure.

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