5 Super Cool GoPro Tricks

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Awesome GoPro Tricks

Searching for some cool GoPro tricks to enhance your vlogging experience? Well, we got you sorted with the following list of tips and tricks to take your GoPro shoot to the next level.

GoPro has made some big names in the photography world while providing its users with some stunning features and capabilities. It is way different and reasonably priced than all of its counterparts in the same segment.

Still, if you have just started with its usage and handling, staying updated with the following cool GoPro tricks will surely make you go miles with your vlogging career.

5 Cool GoPro Tricks

1. Using GoPro red filters for underwater shooting

Underwater shooting always requires you to stay careful regarding the usage and handling of your camera and its accessories. Speaking of the GoPro, its lens often gets exposed to color distortion issues while you are shooting in salt water.

Using a red filter is highly recommended by most professional vloggers and photographers in all such cases. This way, you can capture the beauty of the underwater world in its true colors without worrying much about the safety of your lens.

2. Don’t go overboard with the GoPro accessories

Action cameras are meant to be used to capture some stunning shots from almost impossible locations. So, going overboard with the usage of accessories may only create more trouble and inconvenience for you.

Thus, purchasing the accessories required to facilitate your video shoot or vlog is always recommended. If you go by the advice of photography professionals, using a 3-in-one mount is always a good idea to go with.

This 3-in-1 mount constitutes the functionality of a tripod, camera grip, and a selfie stick. So, you can enjoy the comfort of 3 accessories while only paying for one. Still, we won’t recommend the usage of this mount if you are shooting while skydiving.

3. Always use timelapse mode for underwater shots.

Using timelapse mode for underwater shoots usually enhances the image quality, and you get to capture the best out of any given moment. Now you must remember that this trick only applies to capturing images, not videos.

While you set your GoPro in Timelapse mode, select the timing as 2 seconds to capture multiple shots. This way, your camera will grab multiple shots in short durations, and later on, you can pick the one you love most.

Doing that, you must ensure you stay ‘still,’ or the shots may come with unwanted blur and shakiness.

4. Check lighting conditions while shooting a high frame rate

This is for all those vloggers or video creators who love to shoot a high frame rate but cannot get the desired quality even while giving their best efforts.

Shooting a high frame rate won’t deliver the required quality if you don’t have good lighting within the surroundings.

Hence, either you must lower the frame rate or enhance the lighting conditions during the shoot to get the best out of your GoPro action photography experience.

5. Using the right video settings

You cannot think of getting the desired results out of your GoPro action cam if you are not aware of its featured video settings. No matter what model you are using, every GoPro action cam has specific video settings to facilitate your shots.

Regular video – This comes as the default video setting in most GoPro action cams and allows you to shoot with 1080p at 60fps.

Super slow motion – This setting allows you to shoot at higher frame rates per second and, therefore, be deemed appropriate for slow-motion shots. Now, as the frame rates are higher in this setting, the resolution will drop, and you may not get the desired video quality.

Point of view ( POV) – This video setting is quite apt for point-of-view shots ( like a helmet or extended arms). The video quality will stay at 1080p super view, and you will be able to shoot at 80 frames per second.

Slow-motion POV – This is quite similar to the POV setting, with the only difference being increased frame rates. Hence, the video setting goes quite perfectly for slow-motion POV videos.

Bottomline for Cool GoPro Tricks

GoPro action cameras allow you to use your imagination and creativity best during any given shoot. So, try these cool GoPro tricks while creating some amazing videos or vlogs during your next adventure trip.

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