How to Connect Firestick to TV

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How Do You Connect Firestick To TV

Managing two TV remotes can be cumbersome—one for the TV itself and another for any plugged-in devices, making the switching process tedious. Fortunately, the FireStick remote alleviates this issue by allowing users to control the TV’s volume and power and access all Fire TV features.

However, newcomers might find the Fire TV Stick challenging due to its complex interface and hidden features. Once acquainted with the Fire TV Stick, users can enjoy their favorite TV shows and engage in binge-watching sessions of series like “A League of Their Own.”

The Amazon Fire TV Stick revolutionized the viewing experience by transforming any TV into a smart TV, enabling users to stream shows, utilize apps, and browse the internet directly on their television screens.

This article provides a detailed guide on setting up your Fire TV Stick and adding a new remote should you need a replacement or have a tendency to misplace the original.

Configure both the TV and FireStick

How to Connect Firestick to TV

How to Connect Firestick to TV – Configure both the TV and FireStick

First, enable CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), an HDMI feature that facilitates communication between the TV and connected devices. Follow these steps to prepare the FireStick and activate CEC on your television:

1- Go to the home screen of the FireStick and select Settings.

2- Click the “Display & Audio” option.

3- Scroll to HDMI CEC Device Control.

4- If disabled, enable it.

Next, activate CEC on your television.

1- Using the TV remote, press the menu button.

2- Navigate to System settings.

3- Select HDMI CEC Control.

4- Enable HDMI CEC control and set it to Always On.

With CEC activated on both devices, you can proceed with configuring the FireStick.

Setting Up Your Fire TV Stick with an Alexa Voice Remote

Follow these steps to pair the Fire TV remote with your television:

1- Insert the AAA batteries provided with the Fire TV Stick into the remote.

2- Turn on the TV and select the appropriate HDMI input as the source.

NOTE: The remote should pair automatically with the Fire TV device. If it doesn’t, check the batteries. If the batteries are fresh and the remote doesn’t pair, press and hold the Home button until the LED flashes amber.

3- Press the play/pause button on the Fire TV remote and follow the on-screen instructions.

4- Select your language, then connect to your Wi-Fi network. Enter the password using the on-screen keyboard, then select “connect.”

NOTE: If you experience Wi-Fi signal issues, use the HDMI extender to enhance wireless connectivity.

5- Log into your Amazon account or create a new one using the remote.

6- You can set parental controls on your Fire TV Stick to limit purchases made by children.

7- Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the setup, including audio configuration and selecting streaming services to subscribe to.

8- Use the Fire TV remote controls or hold the Voice button at the top of the remote to perform actions via the Alexa voice assistant, such as “Alexa, open Netflix.”

How to Add a New FireStick Remote

1- From the home screen, select Settings.

2- Choose Remotes and Bluetooth Devices.

3- Scroll down and select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

4- Click on Add New Remote.

5- Press the home button on the FireStick remote for 10 seconds to make it discoverable as the system searches for nearby devices.

6- The new FireStick remote will appear alongside the existing ones.

How to Clear the Fire TV Stick’s Cache

Leaving the cache uncleared can lead to suboptimal remote performance or slower operation. Clearing the cache is recommended over deleting data, which would require you to log in again.

Steps to Clear Cache:

1- Go to the home screen and select settings.

2- Choose Applications.

3- Select Manage Installed Applications.

4- Identify and select the applications that are malfunctioning or sluggish.

5- Choose Clear Cache or Clear Data.

Installing Applications on a Fire TV Stick

One of the key benefits of the FireStick is the ability to use Alexa for voice commands by holding down the microphone button, allowing for easy app selection without the need for the on-screen keyboard. If you prefer manual installation of applications, follow these steps:

1- Tap the Find icon on the home screen.

2- Select Search.

3- Initiate a voice search by holding the microphone button or typing the app’s name.

4- Choose the desired app, select it, and enjoy.


The FireStick significantly simplifies the viewing experience by reducing the need for multiple remotes. As this guide outlines, you can now connect the FireStick remote to your TV, pair a new remote, and install new applications to maximize your enjoyment.

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