How to Connect Firestick to TV?

How to Connect Firestick to TVHow to Connect Firestick to TV

How To Connect Firestick To TV? – Overview

Having two remotes to operate the TV is bothersome, the TV’s own remote and the second remote of the plugged-in device, which makes switching between them tedious. Thanks to the FireStick remote, this kind of remote may be used to manage the TV’s volume and power while using all Fire TV functions.

Unfortunately, utilizing the Fire TV Stick is difficult for novices due to its convoluted interface and hidden functions. Once you get familiarized with the new Fire TV stick, you will be able to watch all of your favorite TV programs and binge-watch like “A League of Their Own.”

The Amazon Fire TV Stick was a game changer because it could turn any television into a smart television by allowing users to watch shows and use apps directly on the screen while surfing the web.

This is a comprehensive instruction on how to set up your Fire TV Stick as well as how to add a new remote if you have a spare or tend to lose yours.

Configure both the TV and FireStick

How to Connect Firestick to TV

How to Connect Firestick to TV – Configure both the TV and FireStick

You must activate CEC, an HDMI function that enables communication between the television and the attached device. The following steps describe how to prepare the FireStick and activate CEC on your television:

1- Navigate to the home screen of the FireStick and choose Settings.

2-Click the button labeled “Display & Audio.”

3- Scroll down to HDMI CEC Device Control.

4- If it is switched off, turn it on.

Now that your FireStick is ready, you must activate CEC on your television.

1-Using the TV’s remote control, press the menu button.

2-When the settings box appears, go to System.

3-Choose HDMI CEC Control.

4-Activate the HDMI CEC control and choose Always On.

As both devices support CEC, you can now begin configuring FireStick.

How to Set Up Your Fire TV Stick With an Alexa Voice Remote?

The following procedures will allow you to link the Fire TV remote with your television.

1- Obtain the remote and install the AAA batteries contained in the Fire TV Stick packaging.

2- Power the television and choose the correct HDMI input as the source.

NOTE: The remote should automatically pair with the Fire TV device, but if it does not, try replacing the batteries. If the batteries are in good condition, press and hold the Home button until the LED begins to flash amber.

3-Press the play/pause button on your Fire TV remote and then begin to adhere to the on-screen directions.

4- Choose your language, then connect to your Wi-Fi network. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password, then select “connect.”

NOTE: Sometimes, you may have Wi-Fi signal issues; use the provided HDMI extension to improve wireless connectivity.

5-Log in with your existing Amazon account or establish a new account using the remote.

6-You may set parental restrictions on your Fire TV stick to restrict your children’s purchases.

7- Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions, which include configuring your audio and selecting the streaming services to which you want to subscribe.

8- Navigate your Fire TV remote controls or press and hold the Voice button, which is situated at the top of the remote, in order for the Alexa voice assistant to do the specified operation, such as “Alexa, open Netflix.”

How to Add a New FireStick Remote?

1-Select Settings from the home screen.

2- Select Remotes and Bluetooth Equipment.

3-Scroll to the bottom and click Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

4- Select Add a New Remote.

5-Hold the FireStick remote’s home button for 10 seconds to make it discoverable when the system searches for nearby devices.

6- The new FireStick remote will be shown alongside the old one.

How to Clear the Fire TV Stick’s Cashe?

Leaving the cache intact might cause your remote to perform incorrectly or operate more slowly than planned. Additionally, clearing cache is preferable to deleting data, which requires you to log in again.

Steps to follow to erase cache:

1- Access the home screen’s settings.

2- Choose Application.

3- Select Manage Installed Applications.

4- Select the applications that are malfunctioning or moving slowly.

5- Choose Clear Cache or Clear Data.

Installing Applications on a Fire TV Stick

One of the finest advantages of FireStick is the ability to speak to Alexa by holding down the microphone button, allowing you to select the desired app without using the on-screen keyboard. However, if you are unfamiliar with Alexa and need to manually install applications, you may follow these steps:

1- Tap the Find icon on the home screen.

2- Choose search.

3- You can start a voice search by holding down the microphone button or by typing the name of the app.

4- Select the desired App. Get it and delight.


FireStick has greatly simplified the process since one remote is preferable to two. And as indicated in the post, you are now aware of how to connect the FireStick remote to your TV, how to pair a new remote in case you don’t want to carry one around with you, and how to install new applications to get the most out of it.

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