How to Adjust the “Shoot By” Settings on Canon T6?

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What could be more advantageous than previewing all possible outcomes of a shot using various settings without taking multiple shots?

This might seem like a fantastical concept, born from the imagination of a photographer, but with the Canon EOS Rebel T6, this fantasy has become a reality.

The Canon Rebel T6 offers users the advantage of previewing all possible outcomes of a shot from various settings through the Live View mode.

While comparing all possible settings of a shot, you can discern how your photo will appear when you change the settings of the Canon EOS Rebel T6 to different modes.

Although it’s true that the results shown in the preview screen might not be perfectly accurate, you can at least get an idea of how the photo will likely appear in those settings.

After reviewing the images with various settings, you can exit the live view mode by capturing a shot of the subject with your Canon EOS Rebel T6.

To assist you further, we have elaborately described all the steps below to make understanding the entire process easier.

Ensure to adjust the scene/lighting type settings in your Canon EOS Rebel T6 first, including:

  • Shoot by Lighting
  • Shoot by Ambience

Any other scene-type adjustments, such as Landscape, Portrait, Sports, or Close-up modes.

Step 1: On your Canon EOS Rebel T6, rotate the mode dial to any specific mode.

Step 2: After setting the mode, press the live view button to switch to live view mode.

Step 3: On your Canon EOS Rebel T6, press the Q button to change the screen to the quick control display.

Step 4: Now, you will need to select the scene type, shown on the left side of the screen. This screen is only available when shooting in Portrait, Close-up, Landscape, or Sports mode.

Step 5: Using the main dial of the Canon EOS Rebel T6, cycle through various settings. Some photos may not differ significantly from others, as lighting plays a crucial role in some settings. If there are multiple light sources, settle for the one with the most prominent result, or continue screening until you find the best image.

Step 6: Choose an ambiance setting using the cross-navigation key.

Step 7: To change the setting, rotate the main dial of your Canon EOS Rebel T6, where you will see how various settings affect the scene.

Step 8: Using the cross navigation key, go through various effects, and for adjustment, use the cross navigation key.

Step 9: Press Q to exit the Quick Control Screen.

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