How to Add Special Effects on Canon EOS Rebel T6 Photos?

How to Add Special Effects on Canon EOS Rebel T6 Photos?

When you opt for the Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D, it provides you with a variety of creative filters that you can use to enhance your photographs.

The creative filters allow you to add special effects to your photographs.

Some of the best filters that are available with the Canon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D are the Fish Eye filter, Toy Camera Filter and the Miniature effect.

When you opt for these features, the Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D creates a copy of the photograph and then adds the filter on the copied files while keeping the original image intact.

If you have captured the original image in RAW format and then applied filters to it, the camera will alter the image by adding the effects and saving it in JPEG format.

Some of the few effects that are available with the Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6 / 1300D which you should know about are:

Soft Focus:

When you apply this filter to your photographs, it will blur the image to make it appear softer.

Grainy B/W:

This filter will turn your photograph into a black-and-white photo along with a speckled appearance.

Toy Camera:

The toy camera is also known as the Vignette effect, as it adds dark corners to the image.

The effect, Vignette, happens when you use a poor-quality lens that doesn’t allow much light into itself, which limits the exposure of the entire frame.

This type of photograph can usually be seen in the toy camera from which the name of the effect is derived. When you opt for this effect, a cool bluish and warm yellowish light is added to the photos.

Fish-Eye: Fisheye is one of the best effects when you want to add an illusion-like effect to your photo. The fish-eye effect will distort your photo, which makes the photograph look like it has been shot using a fish-eye lens.


Miniatures create an illusion by altering the depth of the field. The miniature effect blurs out the small areas of a photograph, and the result appears like dioramas which can be seen popularly in museums.

This effect works best when the original photograph is captured from a high angle.

Now, the effects can be added to the photographs using two methods. One is through the Quick Control Screen, and another one is using the Playback Menu 1.

Playback Menu 1:

Go to Playback Menu 1 and highlight the creative filter option using the cross-navigation key.

Now, using the main dial or the cross-navigation key of the Canon Rebel T6/1300D, select a photo and press Set.

Now using the same cross-navigation key, select a filter and press set to apply the filter to the photograph.

Quick Control Screen: This is another way of applying filters to your photographs. Go to the playback mode and press the Q button of the Canon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D.

This will take you to the options of the quick control setting. From there, using the cross-navigation key, highlight the creative filter option, and then press set.

Now, you can find all the available filter options that you can apply to your photographs.

Now, using the right-left key, browse through the filter to find out which one suits your photograph the best. After finding out the right filter, press ‘Set’ on the Canon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D and it will apply the filter to your photograph.

A preview of the photo will be displayed on the monitor right after you have applied the filter.

Now, before you save the photo, you will be provided with available settings for the particular filter. You can use the cross-navigation key to make any changes to the setting of the filter.

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