How to Add Special Effects on Canon EOS Rebel T6 Photos?

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How to Apply Creative Filters to Photos with Canon EOS Rebel T6

The Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D with a flip screen offers a selection of creative filters, enhancing your photos with unique effects.

These filters allow for artistic expression directly from your camera, including the Fish Eye, Toy Camera, and Miniature effects.

Upon applying these filters, the Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D creates a duplicate of the original photo, applying the selected effect to the copy while preserving the original; especially useful when the original is shot in RAW format; the camera will process and save the filtered image in JPEG.

Explore the range of effects provided by the Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D:

Soft Focus:

This filter blurs your photo, resulting in a softer appearance.

Grainy B/W:

Converts your photo into a grainy black-and-white image, offering a classic, textured look.

Toy Camera:

Known also as the Vignette effect, this filter darkens the corners of your image, simulating the look of photos taken with a low-quality lens that limits light entry and exposure. This effect adds a cool blue or warm yellow tint to your photos.


The Fish-Eye effect distorts your photo, giving it a spherical, illusion-like appearance as if shot with a fish-eye lens.


This effect simulates a shallow depth of field by blurring portions of the photo, making the scene appear as a miniature or diorama, particularly effective when shot from a high angle.

Applying these effects can be done using the Quick Control Screen or Playback Menu 1.

Using Playback Menu 1:

Navigate to Playback Menu 1, select the creative filter option with the cross-keys, choose a photo, and press Set. Then, pick a filter using the cross-keys and press Set again to apply it to your photo.

Using the Quick Control Screen:

Press the Q button in playback mode to access the quick control settings. Highlight the creative filter option with the cross-keys and press Set. Browse through the filters to find the one that suits your photo best. After selecting the right filter, press Set to apply it. A preview will appear on the screen.

Before finalizing, you can adjust specific settings for the selected filter using the cross-keys.

This guide outlines how to use the creative filters on the Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D to add special effects to your photographs, providing an overview from selection to application.

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