How to adjust Canon 7D Portrait Settings?

canon 7d portrait settingscanon 7d portrait settings

How to adjust Canon 7D portrait settings?

Canon’s EOS 7D has earned love and honor since its introduction. It is considered as one of the appreciated APS-C EOS DSLRs by semi-professional and professional photographers.

Presently, EOS 7D has received an upgrade embracing new Firmware Version 2.0.X that has led to the increased level of feature enhancements.

Now, you can continuously shoot with a maximum burst rate of 25* RAW images and 130* for JPEG Large/Fine images.

Portrait photography settings with Canon EOS 7D

Step 1. Choosing the right lens and using the frame properly

The correct lens lays a huge impact on the portrait’s quality. A lens with a wide angle can distort the subject’s features triggering an uncomplimentary portrait.

You need a lens that is compatible with Canon 7D and engineered for portrait photography. 85mm f/1.8 Portrait Lens would be probably the best option (Hey! It’s on Amazon).

You can preferably choose a longer focal length. Also, turn your Canon DSLR camera vertically if the subject is taller.

If you concentrate on the composition, placing your subject on the frame’s side can give an interesting result.

Step 2. Staying away from the midday sun

If you plan to shoot midday, then let us inform you that the scorching sun can do fault-finding things to the faces of your subjects.

Direct sunlight can expose the shadow spots. You can get better details, smooth skin tones, and softer shadows during other daylight and overcast sky. You just have to adjust the white balance.

Step 3. Noticing the background

A pretty face with a faulty background can ruin the entire portrait photo. Hence, check the background of your subject and adjust accordingly.

Also, give importance to the subject’s aspects other than the face that speaks of the person’s personality. For example Hands

Step 4. Shooting at the subject’s level:

It’s a mistake if you shoot kids’ photos from the eye level of an adult. Take your Canon 7D at their level. Plus, you can go close and fill your frame.

Shoot from a distance of a foot, zoom in and encapsulate the details. Move up, down and side. Lie down on the ground. Try various highs and lows to get a unique photo.

Step 5. Catching the candid moments

Portrait photography is not about a person staring at your camera. Candid moments can do wonders for your shots, but you have to find them.

Let your subjects be themselves. Capture their original expressions by using the faster shutter speed.

Photography is pure art and you are the artist. Let your imagination and skills mingle through Canon 7D and shoot stunning portraits.

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