How Do Wifi Spy Cameras Work

How Do Wifi Spy Cameras WorkHow Do Wifi Spy Cameras Work

Wifi spy cameras work just like any other wifi security camera around. The biggest difference here is their portability, size, and ability to get disguised as random household or daily use objects.

We call them ‘Spy cameras’ as they are not visible to the subject in focus. Moreover, you can easily hide them in the most commonly used objects like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, desk lamps, and so on.

What are Wifi Spy cameras?

Wifi spy cameras are the cameras that transmit video signals to a smart device instead of storing the footage to the Internal memory via a wifi network.

Besides the smart device, these wifi spy cameras can send the same footage or recording to cloud storage.

The purpose for using these wifi spy cameras could be anything – keeping an eye on your babysitter or spying on a cheating partner.

Regardless of the reason, you must adhere to the existing state laws and regulations related to the usage of video surveillance devices for a given purpose.

How Do Wifi Spy Cameras Work

How Do Wifi Spy Cameras Work – What are Wifi Spy cameras

Understanding the process regarding how to do wifi spy cameras work

A wifi spy camera boasts a wireless RF(Radiofrequency) transmitter that facilitates it to broadcast the video captured by the camera, which is further pulled out by a receiver.

The same receiver is then connected to a smart device or a monitor.

Some of these receivers come with inbuilt storage with the microSD card, while the other needs to establish a DVR connection. The complete process goes as follows:

Step 1. Image of motion detection

Like any other digital video camera, a wifi spy camera also creates images and videos after checking the light passing through the camera lens.

The same lens stays dependent on a bunch of light detectors that work differently in black & white and colored wifi spy cameras.

In the case of a Black and white wifi spy camera, the detectors will measure the amount of light falling on a specific part of the image.

On the other side, when a colored wifi spy camera is brought into use, the detectors will only gauge the Red, Blue, and Green lights entering the lens.

Afterward, the same detectors will work collectively to display a specific color of light on the image. This then helps the wifi spy camera to create the image.

The motion detectors work in the same way while gauging any random light passing through the camera lens and further sending alerts to the receiver.

Step 2. Image or video transmission

Most wifi spy cameras come with pre-fixed mini radio transmitters that help them transmit the image or video to the receiver.

The camera first converts the image into a radio signal at a certain frequency and further transmits it to the receiver, placed at a distance.

The receivers then pick the signal and convert it back to an image. Due to their smaller size, the receiver can transmit signals to a shorter distance.

Step 3. Displaying the image or video on the smart device

Once received, there is a lot that a receiver can do with the transmitted image.

If the wifi spy camera is positioned at a specific location for constant surveillance, the receiver’s image or video will be displayed by the smart device.

In most cases, the receiver saves random frames per second to create a time-lapse image of the area under surveillance.

So, you can view the image or the video and further save it to a hard drive, cloud, or any other preferred storage option.

Certain wifi spy camera manufacturers offer some high-end features like two way-audio, night vision, and 1080P HD video recording with their wifi Spy cameras.

Bottomline for how do wifi spy cameras work

A standard wifi spy camera is just the mini-version of a high-end wifi security camera. Hence, the functioning process ( barring a few aspects) of both is quite similar.

Still, a wifi spy camera is easy to hide, and this is where it serves best to the requirement of people looking to monitor their surroundings, without letting them know the subject in focus.

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