How to Work with Canon 7D Mark II Portrait Settings

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Capturing perfect Canon 7D mark ii portraits is no joke, and you got to find the right setting and adjustments to achieve that desired result.

If you have just started trying your hands at photography, you must understand that shooting a portrait is quite different from shooting a landscape or sports event.

This is where the following settings and tips can help you to get the best out of every shot you have captured.

Recommended settings for Canon 7D mark ii portrait

Step 1. Getting the right shutter speed

Shutter speed plays a crucial role in Canon 7D mark ii portrait photography. It helps you to adjust the brightness of the subject and enables you to capture a moving object with some great perfection.

So, if the subject is still and doesn’t carry any movement, keeping the shutter speed around 1/200 – 1/500 can do the job for you.

On the other side, you must increase the shutter speed to around 1/1000 if the subject is moving quite fast. While doing that, you also need to opt for a higher aperture value while also rotating the main dial.

Step 2. Adjusting the aperture

If you are shooting a Canon 7D mark ii portrait, using a wider aperture is highly recommended. This is highly critical if you carry out the portrait shoot outdoors, where you may have to struggle a bit with the lighting.

Using a wider aperture would limit the amount of light entering the camera lens, and this is where you can expect the subject in focus to get all the spotlight.

On the other side, if you are capturing the portrait indoors, you can still tweak down the aperture to get the desired shot.

Step 3. Getting the right ISO settings

ISO sensitivity is another very crucial aspect of Canon 7D mark ii portrait photography. Once you are going to shoot a  portrait, keep the ISO as much low as possible to avoid all that unwanted noise in the captured shots.

Speaking of the recommended values, you must keep them between ISO 100 and IS0 400 to get the best out of every image. Still, while you do that, ensure to adjust the shutter speed accordingly.

Step 4. Choosing the right mode

When it comes to starting along with Canon 7D mark ii portrait photography, opting for manual mode is the right way forward.

Doing that would provide you with better controls and access to your Canon 7D Mark ii, and you can further make changes as per your own needs and preferences.

To choose the right mode, you simply need to push the mode dial in your Canon 7D mark ii. Just press the button to release the lock and rotate it to select the desired mode.

Step 5. Mastering the white balance

Although most photography professionals recommend using the auto white balance feature, you still must adjust it as per the surroundings.

Speaking of the white balance setting, that is the color setting feature of your Canon 7D Mark ii to balance the whiteness in your capture shot’s background and foreground.

Step 6. Other required accessories

Finally, carrying all the required accessories and equipment during the Canon 7D mark ii portrait shoot will work as icing on the cake.

Speaking of the accessories, you must bring along a high-quality lens and a tripod.


Not many people know, but bringing the right lens to your portrait photography can add a whole new touch to the captured shot.

Speaking of the lenses, using a high-quality lens that offers a reasonable working distance from the subject and a narrower field of view is highly recommended.

This is where getting a 50mm or 85 mm lens is advisable during the Canon 7D mark ii portrait shoot.


Apart from the lens, if there’s one accessory that you need to invest in before your portrait shoot, that has to be the Tripod.

It prevents all the unwanted camera shakes during the shoot and provides the required stability to your capture shot.

Summing it up

Getting along with Canon 7D mark ii portrait photography is not that tough, and you just have to help yourself with the right settings and adjustments with your camera.

Furthermore, keep checking this space for some more handy tips on your favorite gadgets and devices.

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