Best Settings for Canon 7D Mark II Landscape

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Mastering the art of landscape photography isn’t that easy. Besides having the right talent, you also have to put a lot of effort and time into the whole process.

Furthermore, if you own a gem of a camera like Canon 7d mark ii, you still have the edge over others while getting an expert hand in landscape photography.

Apart from a 20MP dual-pixel AF CMOS sensor, it also sports a 10 fps continuous shooting with an autofocus feature.

Still, you have to go by certain tips and tricks to get that perfect Canon 7D mark ii Landscape shot.

Recommended settings for Canon 7D Mark ii landscape photography

Step 1. Creating the right depth

Once you are trying to capture a landscape shot, creating the right sense of depth while keeping all the elements of the image can make you obtain the desired shot.

Now, this is where you have to use a smaller aperture value ( f/16- f/22). Doing this can undoubtedly sharpen all the objects in the foreground and background.

Furthermore, you have to place your camera on a tripod to avoid all the unwanted camera shake while using a small aperture.

Step 2. Using a wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are primarily preferred by most photography professionals while taking a Canon 7D Mark ii landscape shot. This is because a wider lens can give you a broader view while capturing the image.

Moreover, you can also expect a higher depth of field while using faster shutter speeds in your shots. Once you are using a wider lens, try going for an aperture value of f/16 for the best results.

Step 3. Getting the right aperture value

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape - aperture

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape – aperture

If you are shooting during the day, going with an aperture value of f/22 can produce some scintillating shots with high sharpness.

On the other side, if you are shooting in the evening, you can slightly lower the aperture value to f/8 or f/16 as per your specific requirements.

Furthermore, it would help if you opted for the ‘Golden hour’ to capture the best shot during the Canon 7D Mark ii landscape photography. Speaking of ‘Golden hour,’ it’s the exact time after sunrise and before sunset.

Photography professionals worldwide recommend landscape shooting during the golden hour to get yourself the most desired shot.

Step 4. Use the best photography filters

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape - filters

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape – filters

Photography filters can bring some fantastic definition to your Canon 7D Mark ii landscape shot. For best results, you can use either of the following photography filters.

Polarizing filters

Polarizing filters work wonders if you are capturing a shot, including the sky and sunlight around. While the filter helps darken the sky in the background, they further bring out the best contrast of white and blue for your captured shot.

Neutral density (ND ) filters

If you are shooting on a bright and sunny day, using neutral-density filters is highly recommended. The filters limit the entry of light into the camera while further allowing you to get your desired shot.

Step 5. Adjusting the white balance

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape - white balance

Canon 7D Mark ii landscape – white balance

You may encounter specific issues while adjusting the white balance during Canon 7D Mark ii landscape photography.

Most of the time, the AWB( Auto white balance) feature in your camera can do the job without any lag.

However, while shooting during the golden hour, this feature won’t do the right justice to your Canon 7D Mark ii landscape photography.

Hence, going with a daylight white balance preset or other preset options in your camera would be a better idea in the same case.

Step 6. Adjusting the shutter speed

Shutter speed plays a key role in Canon 7D Mark ii landscape photography. No matter if you are shooting a mountain, a waterfall, or a seashore, mastering the shutter speed can make or break your desired shot.

Hence, going with a higher shutter speed is highly recommended if you are about to capture immovable objects like a mountain, grassland, or tree.

Simultaneously, if you are capturing a running waterfall or flying birds with mountains in the background, you must lower the shutter speed accordingly.

Summing it up

Getting the right Canon 7D Mark ii landscape shot is not that tough, and you just have to go by the tips mentioned above. Furthermore, bringing the right lens and tripod during the shoot can further ease the whole task for you.

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