How to Adjust Nikon D3500 autofocus settings?

How to Adjust Nikon D3500 autofocus settings

The autofocusing feature of your Nikon D3500 is based on two types of settings – AF Area mode and Focus mode.

While the focus mode will help to determine whether your d3500 will use manual focus settings or automatic focusing, the AF Area mode will determine the focus modes your camera will use.

You can learn here more about Nikon D3500 manual focus. Let’s look at the process of autofocusing your Nikon D3500 camera with different types of focus modes:

Nikon D3500 Autofocus Lens:


Adjust Nikon D3500 autofocus with Different Focus Modes

Step 1.

What are the focus modes for?

There are about 4 focus modes in the Nikon D3500 camera. To use the focus modes, you have to gain access to them in P, S, A, and M exposure modes.

You have to be careful about the exposure modes as in other modes for exposure; you can only gain access to MF and AF-A options. The four focus modes are – AFS, AFC, AFA, and MF.

Step 2.

Setting up Nikon D3500 focus mode through control strip

 One of the ways to set up focus mode on your Nikon D3500 camera is to press the ‘i’ button to activate your control strip.

The next step is to use the Multi Selector option to highlight the Focus mode option. You have to press OK to display the available settings.

After highlighting your choice, you have to press on OK again to lock your option down. You have to press the ‘i’ button again to escape the screen without making any kind of changes.

Step 3.

Setting Focus Mode Using Shooting Menu on Nikon D3500

You can also set the focus mode using the shooting menu. All you need to do is select the focus mode and then choose the viewfinder option.

The next step is to select the multi-selector on the right side of your screen and choose from your available focus mode.

Step 4.

Choosing autofocus mode on Nikon D3500 for still and moving objects. Focus Point.

You will get the best results if you can pair up the right combination for your focus mode and AF area mode.

In the case of shooting still objects, it is better to choose angle point and AFS mode on your Nikon D3500 camera.

For that, you have to select a focus point so that your camera can focus on that point as you are halfway pressing the shutter button. In the case of shooting moving objects, you have to choose the AFC focus mode along with Dynamic Area.

Step 5.

Autofocusing with AFS and single point setting

After selecting the above-mentioned settings for stationary object shooting on your Nikon D3500 camera, you have to see the point that you have selected as your focus point.

For that, you need to look through the viewfinder and then press the shutter button halfway before you release it.

You will see that the activated points will get lit up in red light and you have to keep navigating till you find the point you want.

You then have to press the shutter button halfway to lock down the focus point. You can see that the light turns green when you do so.

Step 6.

Autofocusing with AFC And Dynamic Area Setting

 You have to select the above-mentioned settings first to autofocus for moving objects.

You have to repeat all the steps that you had to in case of autofocusing on a still object except for a few exceptions.

As you will press the shutter button halfway, the Nikon D3500 camera will set the initial focusing distance based on your autofocus point and if your object moves from that point, the camera will look for background information.

The green light might flicker and not be steady in this case as the focus is constantly being adjusted.

Now that you know how to autofocus on your Nikon D3500 camera, start shooting your vlog today!

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