How to Adjust Nikon D3500 Autofocus Settings?

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How to Adjust Nikon D3500 Autofocus Settings

Adjusting the autofocus settings on your Nikon D3500 involves configuring AF Area Mode and Focus Mode.

Focus Mode determines whether your D3500 will operate in manual or automatic focusing. AF Area Mode decides which autofocus method the camera will use.

For insights on manual focusing with the Nikon D3500, continue reading. Here’s how to set up autofocus on your Nikon D3500 camera using various focus modes:

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Adjust Nikon D3500 Autofocus with Different Focus Modes

Step 1.

Understanding the Focus Modes

The Nikon D3500 camera supports four focus modes, accessible in P, S, A, and M exposure modes.

Only MF (Manual Focus) and AF-A (Auto-Servo AF) are available in other exposure modes. The four focus modes are AF-S (Single-Servo AF), AF-C (Continuous-Servo AF), AF-A (Auto-Servo AF), and MF (Manual Focus).

Step 2.

Configuring Nikon D3500 Focus Mode via the Control Strip

Activate the control strip on your Nikon D3500 camera by pressing the ‘i’ button. Use the Multi Selector to highlight the Focus Mode option, then press OK to reveal the settings.

Select your desired setting and press OK to confirm. Press the ‘i’ button again to exit without changes.

Step 3.

Setting Focus Mode Using Shooting Menu on Nikon D3500

The focus mode can also be set through the shooting menu. Select Focus Mode and choose the Viewfinder option.

Then, use the multi-selector to pick from the available focus modes.

Step 4.

Choosing Autofocus Mode on Nikon D3500 for Still and Moving Subjects. Focus Point.

Match the appropriate focus and AF area modes for optimal results.

For stationary subjects, it’s best to use Single-Point AF (AF-S mode). Select a focus point for the camera to lock on as you half-press the shutter button. Select AF-C (Continuous-Servo AF) mode and Dynamic Area AF for moving subjects.

Step 5.

Autofocusing with AF-S and Single-Point Setting

With the settings for still subjects on your Nikon D3500 camera, look through the viewfinder and half-press the shutter button to identify your selected focus point.

The active point will illuminate in red. Navigate to your desired point and half-press the shutter to lock the focus. A green light indicates a focus lock.

Step 6.

Autofocusing with AF-C and Dynamic Area Setting

For moving subjects, follow the steps for still subjects with some modifications.

Half-pressing the shutter sets the initial focus distance at your chosen autofocus point. If the subject moves, the camera will adjust focus based on the new position, indicated by a flickering green light due to ongoing focus adjustments.

Now equipped to handle autofocus on your Nikon D3500 camera, you’re ready to capture your scenes precisely.

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