How to Display Photos in Calendar View on Nikon D5300

If you want to see the pictures in the Calendar view on your Nikon D5300, there are some simple steps you can to achieve this.

You can do this by following the simple steps that are given below. The advantage of using this way of viewing the pictures you have taken is that by navigating the little calendar on the screen of the Nikon D5300.

When you view the photos in the Calendar view you would find that by selecting a date, you will be able to cruise through all the pictures you had taken on that date.

Steps that should be followed to Display Photos in Calendar View on Nikon D5300

1. You would have to press the ‘Zoom Out’ button, which will take you the options of the different display modes that are available on your camera. Go through the different ways to find the Thumbnail display.

In the thumbnail display options, there will make an option to view the images in the ‘Calendar View’. You need to select that option.

Suppose you see the photos in full-frame view then you would have to press the button four times before you reach the Calendar view option.

2. You would then need to choose the multi-selector option or the Command dial to move the selecting option, or the yellow highlighted box that helps navigate through the pictures over to a date that contains the image that you want to view.

Suppose you have taken a lot of pictures on Christmas Day and you want to cruise through the memories that you have created.

First, you need to go to December then. The number of the month will appear on the upper-left corner of the screen of the camera after you select a date which will then be highlighted by the yellow outline around the thumbnail.

After you have chosen the date whose pictures you want to see, you will find that the thumbnails of the images will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. The picture that will be selected will be highlighted.

3. After you have gone through the selected picture, you may want to choose another, and for that, you would have to go back to the screen showing all the thumbnails of the images.

If you wish to see the thumbnails of all the images taken on the date of your choice you would have to press the Zoom Out button again to go back.

Do not worry, even if you forget the step be sure to look at the little icon that will be placed underneath the calendar displays; it will have the same symbols that appear on the Zoom Out button to indicate that you would have to press that button to go back.

After the button is pressed, you can view the thumbnails. You can now navigate through the images by using the Multi Selector or the Command Dial button to go up and down.

Another highlight box will appear in the thumbnail strip to indicate which image is being selected.

4. To get a temporary view of the larger picture of the thumbnail that you have selected, you need to hold down the ‘zoom in’ button.

Even if you forget this do not worry your camera will show you in the right direction. A reminder icon is placed in the lower right corner of the camera screen.

It shows a plus sign which indicates the zoom-in button that you have to press. The picture will have the file name which will appear under the larger preview when you release the zoom-in button, and the calendar will come into view.

5. If you want to go back to the calendar and select a different date, you would have to press the zoom out button again.

Press the zoom-out button to switch between the thumbnail strip and the calendar as many times as you want.

6. If you want to exit the thumbnail strip and wish to return to single-image view press OK and you will be good to go.

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