How to Display Photos in Calendar View on Nikon D5300

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If you want to see the pictures in the Calendar view on your Nikon D5300, you can follow some simple steps to achieve this.

This viewing mode allows you to navigate through a calendar on the screen of the Nikon D5300, enabling you to select a date and view all pictures taken on that date.

Steps that should be followed to Display Photos in Calendar View on Nikon D5300

1. Press the ‘Zoom Out’ button, which will cycle through the different display modes available on your camera. Continue pressing until you find the Thumbnail display option.

Within the thumbnail display options, look for an option to view images in ‘Calendar View’ and select it.

If you start from the full-frame view, pressing the button four times will bring you to the Calendar view option.

2. Next, use the multi-selector or the Command dial to move the selection, or the yellow highlighted box, over to date with the images you want to view.

For instance, navigate to December if you wish to reminisce about pictures taken on Christmas Day. The month will be displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen, and after selecting a date, it will be highlighted with a yellow outline around the thumbnail.

Upon selecting a date, thumbnails of the images will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, with the selected picture highlighted.

3. To view another picture or return to the screen showing all image thumbnails for a selected date, press the Zoom Out button again.

A small icon resembling the Zoom Out button, located underneath the calendar display, indicates that pressing this button will take you back to the thumbnail overview.

You can scroll through the thumbnails using the Multi Selector or the Command Dial. Another highlight box will appear over the thumbnail strip to indicate the selected image.

4. Hold down the’ Zoom In’ button for a temporary larger view of the selected thumbnail.

A reminder icon in the camera screen’s lower right corner and showing a plus sign indicates the Zoom In button for enlarging the image preview. After releasing the Zoom In button, the photo’s filename will appear below the enlarged preview, and the calendar view will reappear.

5. To return to the calendar and select a different date, press the Zoom Out button again.

You can toggle between the thumbnail strip and the calendar view by pressing the Zoom Out button.

6. To exit the thumbnail strip and return to the single-image view, simply press the OK button.

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