How to Vlog without a Flip Screen?

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YouTube has opened up new doors for video enthusiasts to become a famous personality in the world. The same platform lets them earn their bread by uploading useful contents of different niches. Yes, we are talking about Vlogging here. If you are wondering about Vlogging or have a question about “How to Vlog without a flip screen?” then your answer lies within this post.

Beginner Vloggers don’t know much about the tools and accessories to use for Vlogging. They just start shooting their videos on a mobile phone and upload them on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform. However, they need to know how they can improve with their career.

Vlogging requires a powerful digital camera to record high-quality videos and taking sharp images to create the perfect video. Video editing is equally important when it comes to uploading a new video on a Youtube channel. If you don’t edit a video with final touches, you will not see the desired growth.

Apart from editing a video, you should also understand the need for a flip screen. You might have heard about the cameras that come with a flip screen. A flip screen or an articulated screen or tilting screen is crucial for professional videographers and vloggers. It comes with a lot of benefits to make your video shooting experience more enjoyable.

If you already owned a Camera without a Flip-screen or tilting screen and started recording videos for Vlogging, then here we have listed down some techniques or we can say tips to record a professional-grade video without a flip-screen for Vlogging.

Smart Ways to Record Videos with Camera without a flip screen

Method 1: Use Compatible Mobile App

Most DSLRs are now compatible with Smartphones. Yes, you can now install a compatible mobile app to use with the camera. A mobile app lets you easily take full control of the camera remotely. You can adjust the shutter speed, contrast, brightness, aperture and more using your mobile phone.

Canon, Nikon, Sony and all the other popular Camera brands support mobile phone’s compatibility. You can start using the mobile app to take pictures and to record high-quality videos.

To make the user-interface hassle-free, mobile apps for DSLRs come with a list of extraordinary features. All the built-in features are there to record professional-grade videos for your Vlogging.

If you owned a Camera with Wi-Fi connectivity or compatible with a smartphone, you must get to know about it and start exploring this feature to improve your skills.

Some users record videos through their phone’s Selfie camera. It’s a great way of shooting a quick video but you can’t do much with the phone’s camera. Since you have a digital camera, you should always use it for recording videos for Vlogging.

Method 2: Make use of Computer Systems

If the camera doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility, you can simply connect it with your Laptop using a compatible data cable. By doing so, you will be able to see yourself on a big screen of the laptop. This will improve your video recording skills without having to use the flip screen of the camera.

DSLRs are compatible with Computer Systems where you can easily connect the Camera to a PC system. You have to install the app on your system or can use the website to make a successful connection between the devices.

Since you can see yourself while recording your own video, it will give you more confidence. With great confidence, you can record your video with the passion that will give you a positive result at the end.

Method 3: Strategise Things Yourself

You have chosen Vlogging as your career which means you already are a creative person. The next thing you need to do is make new strategies to record highly professional videos that you can upload on your YouTube channel or a website.

You have to set out your stage where you can start recording your video without doing much set up or without wasting much of your time. Just press the record switch and start recording your video.

Moreover, you can use a variety of accessories to expand your videography. You can use a tripod, an external flashlight, different lenses, extra furniture or decorative pieces to make the room look beautiful etc. You can set up your theme where you can record a video without much editing work.

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the best ways or methods which you can use to record a high-quality and professional-grade video for Vlogging without a flip-screen on the camera.

Having a flip-screen is an extra advantage for the vloggers, but if you don’t have it, you can follow these useful methods that will give you the best results at the end. You have to practice a lot with new methods to become a professional vlogger with minimum accessories and tools.

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