How to Fine-Tune White Balance Settings On Nikon D5300 ?

Nikon D5300 has a feature to Fine-Tune White Balance. The camera also has a DX-format with an F-mount lens with a megapixel of 24.2.

Nikon D3500 boasts a 24.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor along with an active D-lighting.

The camera also has full HD features along with up to 5 frames per second of continuous shooting.

The camera also has Bluetooth connectivity but is without Wi-Fi and is compatible with the popular SnapBridge app by Nikon.

The Nikon D3500 won the best camera award TIPA which is quite a prestigious award.

Moreover, after the launch of the camera, it received a lot of awards and accolades for its features and technology.

From its predecessor which is the Nikon D3400, the camera has come a long way with a lot of new features and a completely new button layout.

With its sturdy built and attractive designs, the Nikon DSLR D3500 has become a go-to camera not only for beginners in the DSLR field but also for professionals.

How to use the Fine-Tune White Balance on Nikon D5300?

You will be able to use the white-balance feature quite smoothly in the Nikon D3500.

You can also preset the white balance for your images by creating a custom preset by using the PRE option.

Here you can understand how to use the Fine-Tune White Balance of your camera.

Display the Shooting Menu

To display the shooting menu on Nikon D5300

  • First, have to go to the menu option.
  • You can find the menu button on your camera and click it to open the menu list.
  • The Menu contains all the features of the camera which you can use to enhance your images and save them.
  • Go down the menu option to find the Shooting Menu.
  • After choosing the shooting menu, press it.


Highlight the White Balance

The Shooting Menu of Nikon D5300 contains another set of options necessary for your features for images.

  • Go down the list to find the White balance option.
  • After you come to the option, it will be highlighted.
  • Then press OK to open the White Balance option.


Highlight the correct Fine-Tune White Balance setting you wish to adjust

After opening this option on Nikon D5300, you will find a new list of options, each having unique features and options for your white balance techniques.

  • After highlighting the white balance option, you have to adjust and select the multi Selector at the right.
  • You will go to a screen where you will be able to do the fine-tuning.


You have to fine-tune the Multi Selector by shifting the white balance marker in the correct color grid. 

The grid is usually set around two main color pairs which are Green and Magenta and Blue and Amber.

  • By using the multi-selector, you can easily adjust the marker all along the grid.
  • You can steadily see the color shift with the movement of the marker.


Press OK for completing the adjustment

  • After correctly following all the steps press OK to finalize the edit.
  • Successfully putting the edit will bring forth an asterisk beside the icon showing that it is done.


The Nikon D3500 is an excellent camera with a lot of features. The Fine-Tune White Balance edit is a fundamental feature.

The white balance setting is quite an essential feature for all the cameras, irrespective of price points. It is usually the primary edit you will use after clicking a photo.

The white balance edit or feature helps you to change the brightness of the picture, which will help you to portray the image in a much better way.