How to Create Your Own Options Menu on Nikon D5600

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It is often challenging to navigate the numerous options on a Nikon D5600. Among various tasks, adjusting the menus can seem particularly daunting.

The complexity can be overwhelming when navigating through menus for adjustments.

Creating a custom menu tailored to your preferences, featuring your most frequently used menus, is a viable solution to address this issue.

This custom option can accommodate as many as 20 menus. If you’re curious about how to add menus to the custom menu option, continue reading.

The My Menu option will appear on the left side. This custom menu can hold up to 20 of the most frequently used settings.

How to Create Your Own Options Menu on Nikon D5600

Step 1- Select The Items You Wish To Add

You’ll be presented with a screen listing all the camera’s menus. From this list, select the menu containing the option you wish to add to your custom list.

Note that some menus are ineligible for addition to this list, indicated by a box with a slash mark next to them.

You can choose any item except those to add to your custom list.

Step 2- Tap On The Menu Or Use The Multi Selector

Items can be selected individually by tapping or highlighting using the multi-selector. After selecting all desired menus, press the OK button.

Next, you’ll see the “Choose position” screen. Press OK or tap the “back” arrow at the top of the screen to return to the My Menu screen. The items you selected will now be displayed at the top.

Step 3- Rearrange The Menus

After adding the second item to your custom list, a “Move” symbol will appear at the bottom of the “Choose position” screen.

This feature allows for easy rearrangement of selected menus. Simply select an item and use the multi-selector to move it up or down.

Alternatively, tapping the “Move” icon at the bottom displays a yellow line. Position this line above where you wish to place the item and press OK to reposition it.

This action saves your menu, and you’ll return to the “My Menu” screen.

Step 4- Remove Menu Items

Go to the “My Menu” screen to remove items from your custom list.

Select “Remove items” and press OK. A list of all current menu items will appear, each with a checkbox next to it.

To remove an item, check its box. After selecting all items you wish to remove, press OK.

A confirmation message will ask if you want to remove the selected items. Confirm by selecting OK.

This guide should clearly understand how to create a custom menu for your Nikon D5600, simplifying the process and making it more convenient!

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