How to Add an Image Comment on Nikon D5600?

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Adding an Image Comment on Nikon D5600

Navigating through the features of your Nikon D5600, you can add personalized comments to your images directly from the camera. This feature can be handy for tagging your photographs with copyright information, descriptive captions, or any note that helps organize or identify your work. Below is a detailed guide on seamlessly integrating comments into your images using the Nikon D5600.

Step 1. Opening Setup Menu

Begin by accessing the setup menu on your Nikon D5600. This menu is a gateway to numerous camera settings, including the option to add an image comment. Locate the menu button, which is positioned on the back of the camera, towards the top left corner. Its label indicates its function. Pressing this button reveals the menu options available to you.

Step 2. Entering A Character When Touch Screen Is Enabled

The Nikon D5600 allows for text entry via its touchscreen interface, offering an intuitive method for typing. If you prefer this method, ensure the touchscreen functionality is activated. This is done through the setup menu, where you’ll find the settings for touch control. Enabling this feature allows you to simply tap the screen to select characters for your comment.

Step 3. Using Multi Selector To Enter A Character

Alternatively, the camera’s multi-selector can be used for character input. This method involves using the multi-selector to navigate through an on-screen keyboard, highlighting and selecting each character you wish to add to your comment. Confirm each selection by pressing the OK button at the bottom of the screen. It’s important to note that the comment field is limited to 36 characters, providing ample space for most annotations.

Step 4. Entering Different Characters

To diversify your comments with different character cases or symbols, the Nikon D5600’s keyboard display facilitates this through a special option. The ‘Aa & #’ key, found at the end of the keyboard, allows you to switch between character sets. A designated space bar is conveniently located next to this key for adding spaces between words.

Step 5. Moving The Cursor In The Text Box

Fine-tuning your comment might require moving the cursor within the text box, which can be achieved using the arrow keys or the command dial. The command dial, indicated above the arrow keys, offers a rapid method for cursor movement, enhancing your editing efficiency.

Step 6. Deleting A Character

Should you need to remove a character, simply position the cursor beneath it and utilize the delete option. This function is represented by a delete symbol at the bottom of the touchscreen interface, or you can press a dedicated delete button on the camera body.

Step 7. Magnifying The Text

Upon completing your comment, the OK button, which a magnifying glass symbol might represent, is used to finalize your entry. While this action does not magnify the text, it does confirm your input. Should you need to enlarge the text for better visibility, the camera’s zoom function can be employed.

Step 8. Placing Check Mark In Attach Comment Box

The last step involves activating the Attach Comment feature by ensuring the corresponding box is checked. This selection embeds your comment with the image. To deactivate this feature, simply uncheck the box. Finalize your settings by pressing the OK button to exit the setup menu.

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