Best Canon R5 Portrait Settings

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Canon R5 Portrait Settings

Fine-tuning Canon R5 settings for portraits can add new dimensions and elements to your photography. If you aren’t maximizing the efficiency of your Canon R5 specifically for portrait photography you are missing out.

Down below, let’s go over the optimum Canon R5 portrait settings for portrait photography.

Recommended Canon r5 Portrait Settings

Step 1. Bring the right Shutter Speed to play

Shutter speed acts as a crucial aspect of your Canon r5 portrait settings photography. Besides helping you in adjusting the subject’s brightness, it further facilitates the perfect capture of any moving or still subjects.

If you are trying to capture an adult or teen that isn’t making any random movements or hand gestures, going 1/15th or even 1/8th of a second is advisable.

This would work even in low light conditions, given the subject is still and not moving much.

On the contrary, if you are shooting with kids or a random group of people try to go for a faster shutter speed i.e 1/125th or higher.  Just in case you get a noisy or blurry image. Try increasing the shutter speed further.

Step 2. Shooting in the right Camera mode

A lot of elements come into play while choosing the right camera mode in Canon r5 portrait settings. So, you have to opt for different camera modes according to the subject and the surroundings.

In case you are shooting on a Tripod, shooting in Manual Mode is highly advisable. This rule applies further to shooting HDR bracketed shots, long exposures, or even night photography.

On the other side, if you are shooting handheld, opting for the Aperture Priority mode is certainly a good idea. The only exception to this case scenario is when you are ‘panning’. Doing that, it is highly recommended to go for  Shutter Priority mode.

Step 3. Adjusting the Aperture

Just like camera mode, Aperture also comes as a critical part of the Canon r5 portrait settings. According to professional portrait photographers, set your aperture between f/2 and f/4 if you are shooting solo portraits.

You may need to bring a lens with a wider aperture into play for this case scenario. Yet, If you don’t have such a lens in your kitty, try buying a good 50mm f/1.8 from the market.

Besides being reasonably priced, these lenses are quite flexible in use. While using these wide aperture lenses, you can blur the background while limiting the number of distractions in the image.

As you proceed, avoid going too wider like f/1.8 or f/1.4 while using these settings. The depth of field stays too narrow in portraits so you have to be careful while focusing on various aspects and features of your subject.

Moreover, if you are shooting couple or group portraits, using a smaller aperture(f/5.6 or f/8 ) can help you to bring everyone in focus. While doing that, check whether the people in the group are too far from each other.

Once you bring all of them closer, shooting in even  f/5.6 would make you grab the required sharpness without much effort.

Step 4. Getting the right ISO

You cannot ignore ISO settings while thinking about the best Canon r5 portrait settings. As you are shooting a portrait, try to lower the ISO ( ISO 100 to ISO 400). By doing that, you can edge out all the excessive noise in your captured shots. Still, don’t forget to adjust the shutter speed while you do that.

On the contrary, if you are shooting in shady areas or low-lit zones, you must increase the ISO to ISO 800 or even ISO 1600 as per your requirements.

Step 5. Adjusting the white balance

Although using the auto white balance in Canon r5 portrait settings is advisable, you must check and adjust the same according to the subject and soundings.

Besides, you can use the general WB settings like Daylight or Shady to match up with the lighting conditions in the surroundings. Don’t go too warm or too cool on the portrait or you may get that too yellowish or too bluish effect to your shots.

Step 6. Required camera accessories

You cannot get the best out of Canon r5 portrait settings if you aren’t carrying the required accessories to facilitate your portrait shot. Accessories like Lens and tripod are quite the prerequisites for any Canon R5 portrait shoot.


Using the right lens with Canon R5 portrait photography can add wholesome magic to your captured shot. Discussing lenses, you can make a pick from the below list of best Canon lenses for portrait photography

  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
  • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L MACRO IS USM
  • Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM
  • Canon EF 85mm f/1.8L USM
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
  • Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
  • Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM
  • Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
  • Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM
  • Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM


Besides getting a good lens for your Canon R5 portrait photography, you must also invest in a good Tripod. By doing it, you can easily avoid all those unwanted camera shakes during the shooting while providing added stability to the shot.

Bottom-line for Canon R5 portrait settings

Getting the right knowledge about the abovementioned Canon r5 portrait settings can help you to make the most out of your portrait photography aspirations.

Do let us know in the comments sections if you want us to add some more such topics in our future posts.

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