Canon 80D Vlogging | Mastering Videos with Canon Flip Screen

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Is Canon 80D Good for Vlogging?

If you are searching for a new mid-range DSLR camera for vlogging, then Canon 80D is the perfect option for you in the market.

Canon has got a range of different types of cameras designed for professionals and beginners.

The Canon 80D Vlogging guide helps you to decide why you should go with this DSLR camera to suit your Vlogging needs.

Canon EOS 80D is the latest mid-range edition launched by Canon for professionals under its EOS XXD series.

The entire series is quite popular and has gained massive popularity in the photography world. The Canon 80D is used by many professional shooters and even Vloggers.

The following list of reasons will show you why the Canon 80D is the best option for your Vlogging career.

Why Should I Go With the Canon 80D for Vlogging?

First things first, Canon is the most trusted and popular brand in the world. Starting from basic to extreme high-end, you can get a suitable DSLR camera for your photography, cinematography, or even vlogging needs.

Depending on your budget and basic requirements, you should choose a suitable camera that can fulfill your needs.

canon 80D Vlogging - design

Canon 80D Vlogging – design

The build quality of Canon 80D

Compared to its predecessors, the Canon EOS 80D carries a super sturdy design with a handy body.

It is very comfortable and handy and enables users to take perfect pictures and high-quality videos through it. The black textured design adds up a premium look to this edition.


The 24.2 Megapixel (APS C) CMOS sensor captures high-quality images and full HD videos.

Being the latest edition of this series, the Canon EOS 80D offers great video shooting capabilities. Being a mid-range edition, the EOS 80D doesn’t let you record videos at full 4K resolution.

You have to limit it to 1080 pixels i.e., full HD resolution at 60fps. The built-in microphone is there to capture audio from the users.



You can also connect an external microphone using the built-in 3.5 mm audio jack port. Yes, the EOS 80D features a standard 3.5mm audio jack port to enhance your video shooting capabilities.

The same camera is capable of taking high-quality pictures with RAW and standard JPEG format. You can enhance the pictures by exporting the RAW files to your computer system.

Supports Time Lapse

The Canon EOS 80D features a time-lapse mode unlike the other mid-range editions. Yes, the camera comes with a built-in Time Lapse mode to shoot long videos into a small clip.

Time Lapse is an important shooting mode for Vloggers, especially those who post about travels. You will get this mode as a built-in mode which you can enable through the dialer.

Wi-Fi and NFC

Photo sharing from the Camera to your Smartphone and Computer systems has now become a lot easier with the Canon EOS 80D edition.

The camera features Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity options. You can connect your Smartphone to the camera using a Wi-Fi connection to share photos and videos without the wired connection.


wifi and nfc

wifi and NFC

The camera is also compatible with Canon’s official mobile app. You can install Canon’s mobile app, which is available for free for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

You can use this app to connect with the camera under the same Wi-Fi connection. You can take full control of the camera from your mobile phone through this app.

Articulated Touchscreen Display

The Canon EOS 80D features a fully articulated touchscreen display. You can record high-quality video without losing focus on objects through this Canon flip-screen camera.

It’s a touchscreen display, which means you can easily adjust the brightness and contrast and can make various changes to the Camera’s photo-capturing and video-recording functions.

Apart from the touchscreen, the physical button control and dialer mode also make it easier for the users to control the camera.

Canon 80D Vlogging - articulated touchscreen display

Canon 80D Vlogging – articulated touchscreen display

Powerful Battery

The battery life of the Canon EOS 80D camera is very impressive. The battery goes forever and offers you the best environment to capture and record full-day videos and pictures.

The battery is included in the rechargeable kit. You can also keep a separate battery if you are a travel vlogger.

Limitations of Canon EOS 80D

  • What’s disappointing here is you can’t record videos at full 4K resolution on the Canon EOS 80D camera. Most of the new buyers want their DSLR camera to record videos at 4K resolution, but here, you have to limit it to 1080 pixels i.e., full HD resolution.
  • The built-in autofocus function of the camera is not good compared to other cameras of the same range. You have to focus on the subject many times to get a quality video.
  • Most professional users want their new DSLR cameras to have dual memory card slots. However, the Canon EOS 80D doesn’t come with dual memory slots. You have to use a singular memory Card. The memory card slot supports memory cards of up to 2TB storage.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon EOS 80D is undoubtedly one of the best choices for professional shooters and Vloggers.

It’s a mid-range DSLR camera that still offers all the features and functions of a premium-end DSLR camera without spending much.

If you want to improve your photography and video shooting skills or want to shoot professional videos with time-lapse and different modes, then Canon EOS 80D is the best option for you.

It features a sturdy design, a long-lasting battery, a high-performance sensor, and everything to give you the best video-shooting experience!

Remember, your videos will be as good as your video editing skills, so try to get some expertise at least on one of the best video editing software.

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