7 Best DSLR cameras for video recording

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Best DSLR Cameras for video recording

Photography is a passion for many people across the globe. Some people have turned this profession into their vocation and use it as a means of income now.

Irrespective of why you pursue this activity, money or passion, one thing is clear. You want the highest quality. The odds of achieving this are much higher with a good camera.

So here is a list of the best DSLR cameras for video recording. With these, you will always have the best shot.

1. Nikon D3300

This is considered one of the best video cameras. It has 24.4 megapixels and it allows you to shoot video at 1080p full HD. The result is crisp, high-quality content.

It allows you to shoot at 60 or 50 or 30 or 25 or 24p. As such you have a lot of control over the video you are recording. It has a solid build quality as well.

Plus, it is light and compact, meaning you can take it anywhere easily. If you plan to do so, however, do use a case.

In conclusion, this is a good, well-built camera, which allows you to shoot high-quality video. The best part is that it won’t break your bank too.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T5

This is widely regarded as one of the best Canon Cameras available on the market. This option is a smart one as it has a solid build quality and is light and easy to carry.

It is rugged and so it will last you a good amount of time if you take good care of it. On the more important consideration, that is video quality, it is no less than the other cameras in the list.

It has many smart features which make a recording with this a breeze. It has a live view screen for high control over shots.

Lastly, it is good in low light due to a wide ISO. This too is an inexpensive model for you.

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is one of the best Canon cameras in the world and this fact is reflected in the price. This is no doubt a high-end camera and it is not for amateurs.

This has one of the best image processors in the world (Digic 5+) and as a result, you will get super clear images from this camera. The same can be said about low light imagery.

It has a wide ISO and due to this fact, you can take bright, vivid photographs in the dark as well. The build quality is commensurate to the price and is top-notch.

If you are looking to upgrade your photography game and thinking of going pro, this is definitely for you.

4. Nikon D3200

These are the cheapest cameras on this list. It has all the features a photographer who is just getting into his element or starting would need.

It records at a default 1080p full HD quality and unfortunately, 4k is not available, but this is not a deal-breaker for most people.

The second aspect is that it can record at 50, 30, 25, and 24 frames per second. Unfortunately, this camera cannot record at 60 frames per second.

If that was essential for you, this is a deal-breaker. But if you do not, this camera gives you all you need at this price point, making it perfect for beginners and people who pursue this as a hobby.

5. Canon EOS 6D

This is yet another camera in the list of best canon cameras and its price reflects this sentiment.

Fret not though as this price is commensurate with the features that are available on this camera. So even though it is high priced, it is well worth the premium.

This is a 20-megapixel camera and it has a very wide ISO range, going from 100 to 25600. It also has the latest and the greatest image processing systems on the market. 

It also has other useful features such as a Wi-Fi transmitter to help the process of sharing content. This camera is perfect for you if you want a professional camera but do not want to spend too much.

6. Nikon D5300

This is a good quality focused camera that will be suitable for most people who need a camera. It is 16 megapixels and has a unique feature that autofocuses at all times to prevent unintentional zooms and losses of focus.

The result is that you will have a smooth recording experience and a high-quality video. It supports recording at 60fps so you will never be at a dearth of options.

All these factors make it a desirable camera for most. The build quality is commensurate with the pricing and will last you a good amount of time if cared for well.

So if you are a photographer or videographer at any level, this can play a role for you.

7. Canon EOS 80D

These are the best Canon Cameras on the list. The price is sufficiently high and is among the most expensive cameras that are used commonly.

This is to be expected for the quality it provides to you. It is a 24.2 Mega Pixel Camera and it has an APS-C CMOS Sensor. It can record movies at 60 frames per second, which you can save as an Mp4 file for ease and quality.

It has a great autofocus system and the same can be said about the low light capabilities as well.

Given the high price range, these cameras are expected to do everything well and this is one of the models that stands up to this expectation every single time.


There are many cameras in the market today. The truth however is that not all of these perform. So it is always good to get the best Canon cameras or Nikon Cameras which will perform at any given time and do so well.

This list includes cameras at all price points so you can use it to find a camera that works well for you, based on your stature and position in the field.

Especially if you are a blogger or planning to be one you should check out this list of best canon cameras for vlogging I Hope it’s of help!