What is Difference Between 4K and 8K

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Difference Between 4K and 8K – Overview

4K indicates two different high definition resolutions like 3840 X 2160 pixels or 4096 X 2160 pixels. 4K means four times the standard pixel resolution, or 1080p (1920 X 1080 pixels), or two times the standard line resolution (2160 p).

8K resolution indicates 7680 X 4320 pixels. It is also known as 4320p. The new Ultra High Definition or UHD is really prospective. However, it is still under development. 8K resolution can display a higher picture quality and more delicate images than the 4K resolution. They offer a 100° viewing angle. With this, you can catch and enjoy every frame with an immersed sense.

What Is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution can offer more detailed images than 1080p. 1080-pixel images look great on up to 65 inches screens. However, images with 4K resolution will look excellent on larger screens. 4K can deliver better video quality and display for its customers. It can reduce the visible pixel structure for their views.

The customers can only notice these pixel structures when sitting extremely close. 4K has the ability to offer depth like 3D, without any glasses, when combined with faster screen refresh rates.

What Is 8K Resolution?

8K resolution indicates eight thousand pixels, running across the frame, in a single horizontal line. To be exact, 8K resolution means 7680 X 4320 pixels in a single frame. 8K resolution can be called the successor of the 4K resolution. They offer approximately four times the quality and details of the standard 4K resolution.

However, you may not be able to notice any difference in your ordinary devices. You can notice significant differences between 8K and 4K in specific 8K televisions.

The video frames in 8K are almost eight thousand pixels wide. 8K is often referred to as full ultra-high definition because of its detailing and quality. Some people also call it ultra high definition television or 8K Super Hi-Vision.

What Are the Differences Between 4K and 8K?

Difference Between 4K and 8K

Difference Between 4K and 8K – What Are the Differences?

Both 8K and 4K are UHDTV or Ultra High Definition Television resolution in digital cinematography and digital television. 4K and 8K are two advanced SHV or Super Hi-Vision TV video technologies. They can be considered as the next-generation video processing mechanisms. 8K is one of the highest UHD TV resolution standards, whereas 4K is an entry-level resolution.

1. Resolution

8K UHD is a vertical resolution of 4320 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 7680 pixels. 8K has 33.2 megapixels, whereas 4K has 8.3 megapixels. When you play any 4K videos on an 8K TV, you will not be able to enjoy full screen images. With a higher pixel count, the image display will be sharper.

2. Frame Rate

Frame rate is related to the number of images or the number of frames that are displayed per second in a video, movie, computer game display, or television. The frame rate for 4K resolution is 50 to 60 frames per second, whereas the frame rate for 8K resolution is 120 frames per second.

3. Audio Channel

4K UHD supports 5.1 audio channels and the 8K ultra HD can support 22.2 audio channels. 8K resolution has three dimensional arrangements. Via 8K resolution, customers will be able to experience super stereo in the future.

4. Viewing Angle

A major difference between 8K and 4K is their viewing angle. It is the maximum angle that someone can see with visual performance on their monitor. 8K can offer a 100° viewing angle, whereas 4K only offers a 55° viewing angle. 8K televisions can allow their customers to watch videos or movies with more visual angles.

5. Broadcasting

A high-efficiency video coding can allow 4K streaming with 20 to 30 Mbit/s bandwidth. The internet speed restricted the capability of the transmission network to carry 8K resolution. It was dependent on the satellite broadcast to transmit any high data rates.

6. Monitor

Both UHD and DCI standard monitors are available on different online platforms like amazon. However, there is no 8K monitor available on the largest e-commerce platform at this moment. 

7. Gaming

There are not many promises in the 8KK gaming sector at this moment. You will not be able to get a television that supports more than  60 Hz refresh rate at 8K games. However, there is no 8K video game available in the market right now.

Features 4K Resolution 8K Resolutions
Screen resolution 3840 X 2160 7680 X 4320
Total pixels 8,294,400 33,177,600
Video size per hour 22.5 GB 36 GB
TV size 40” to 100” and more 65” to 100” and more
Other names Ultra HD 8K UHD, Super Vision


Booth 8K and 4K are ultra high definition formats and offer super vivid image quality and greater visual sense. However, the 8K resolution is still under development but it can be considered the successor of the 4K resolution.

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