BREAKING: Ring recalls hundreds of thousands of Ring Smart Doorbell

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Have you recently got a Ring smart doorbell installed at your home or office? If yes, we need your immediate attention for something urgent.

This famous Amazon subsidiary has decided to recall more than 350,000 second-generation Ring Doorbells from the US markets after receiving random fire incident reports due to overheating issues.

Most of these incidents were reported in the wake of incorrect usage of screws during the ring smart doorbell installation process.

It must be mentioned that more than 300,000 second-generation Ring smart doorbells were sold in the USA alone by Amazon.

According to the statement issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of units sold in Canada stays at 8700.

According to the Notice, ‘The video doorbell’s battery can overheat when the incorrect screws are used for installation, posing fire and burn hazards.

RING has already received reports regarding doorbells catching fire and then resulting in property damage and minor burns’’.

Ring spokesperson Emma Daniels has further stated that the safety of their customers comes as their top priority.

They are already working with CPSC in the same respect and got in touch with the customers impacted by the recall with the updated device installation instructions. She further added that the customers need not return their devices.

How do you check whether this recall impacts your Ring smart doorbell?

If you are an existing user of these smart doorbell devices, you need to go to the company’s website for further assistance. They first need to enter the Ring ID and password to authenticate the signature.

Afterward, enter the details of the device i.e model and serial number of the Ring smart doorbell, and someone from the backend team will get in touch with the customer.

How do Ring devices always come along as the CenterPoint of controversies?

This is not the first time the Ring has been surrounded by unwanted controversies. After being taken over by the retail giant Amazon in 2018, Ring has drawn criticism for certain ‘ not so mindful’ decisions.

It was only last year when its customers heavily bashed the firm for tying up with more than 400 police departments in the country.

These departments were given easy access to video recorded on all the Ring smart doorbells with that partnership.

The police were allowed to submit requests regarding the procurements of certain video recordings in their investigation process.

This is where the agencies received severe criticism from Privacy advocates who stated it was another act to force a 24 x 7 surveillance program on the local citizens.

Well, this is not it to this ‘Controversy saga’. Just a few months back, the company unveiled a new Always Home Cam that can automatically roam around your vicinity while streaming the live video right to your smartphone.

As it was a Drone camera, several citizens complained about their neighbors using this camera to sneak into their privacy secretly.


The ring has recalled most of the devices from the market in the wake of the recent incidents. Still, whether or not the same issue will become persistent in their other devices is yet to be seen.

No matter how and which way it turns up, we will keep you updated and informed regarding every key development in the same respect.

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