IBM Data Science Professional Certificate | Cost and Duration

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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

One of the requirements to become a data scientist is to obtain the IBM Data Science Pro Certificate. It is available to everyone, regardless of prior Data Science knowledge or expertise, as it is an introductory course.

We’ll examine it in-depth in this review so you can choose whether or not to sign up. Also, we’ll discuss what it is, how much it costs, and the courses you must pass in order to receive certification from IBM.

What is it?

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – What is it?

You can become a beginner data scientist by taking the web-based, self-paced IBM Data Analyst Pro Course, designed by PC and software giant IBM. You can learn all modules on online learning platforms, including Coursera and Edx.

How Much Does It Cost?

Advanced Data Science with IBM

$49.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 6:46 am

As a coursera certified specialization completer you will have a proven deep understanding on massive parallel data processing, data exploration and visualization, and advanced machine learning & deep learning. You'll understand the mathematical foundations behind all machine learning & deep...

It’s free if you do all the modules within seven days. But unless you take shortcuts, you can’t complete them all within the seven-day trial. If you finish in the 7-day trial period, you won’t get all the required knowledge.

Otherwise, the cost of the complete course is $39 per month, but because the course lasts for 11 months, the final price will be close to $429. Here is where you can enroll IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (

You can complete the course faster than most people and save money by simply paying for the time spent learning the modules.


IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Modules

The ten modules that make up the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate emphasize data science competencies, learning programming languages like Python and SQL, creating machine learning models, and analyzing and visualizing data.

The information is organized correctly and it consistently develops both theoretical concepts and practical tasks. You may study offline by downloading the course materials.

The modules in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate are as follows:

An Intro to Data Science

This topic provides a thorough outline of the central topic and helps with concept elaboration. It explains what data scientists do and who they are.

Data Science Tools

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Data Science Tools

This module provides you with various tools to utilize for the many use cases you can come across as a data analyst. It’s perhaps the most helpful topic for entry-level data analysts.

The Data Science Methodology

In this topic, you will learn about the theory, standards, and requirements of data science to better understand how to leverage data to solve issues and ensure that the data is pertinent and properly used to meet various business cases and real-world initiatives.

Python for Data Science, AI & Development

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Python Basics for Data Science

You will master the basics of the Python programming language in this topic, alongside how to work with common data types. You don’t need any prior development experience, only some fundamental coding knowledge, making it relatively simple.

SQL for Data Science

This topic shows you how to utilize SQL to improve communication and retrieve data from databases. Anyone working in the data science sector must cover this topic. 

Python Basics for Data Science

In this topic, you get a straightforward introduction to Python for Data Science. Through practice with the lab exercises, you’ll be able to create Python programs on your own.

Python for Data Science Project

Using this topic, you can acquire beginner-friendly Python abilities, allowing you to manage various data science projects.

Data Analysis with Python

In this module, you will learn how to evaluate data in Python using NumPy’s multifaceted arrays, utilize the SciPy library for arithmetic operations, manage DataFrames in pandas, and do ML (machine learning), etc.

Data Visualization with Python

You will gain knowledge on the graphical representation of data in this topic, enabling you to effectively and interactively communicate insights to clients, stakeholders, etc.

Introduction to Machine learning with Python

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Introduction to Machine learning with Python

The most widespread and fundamental machine learning techniques that you can use with Python are covered in this module.

Obviously, it doesn’t make you an expert right away, but if you’ve never tried anything similar, it’s a nice place to start.

Machine Learning and Data Science Capstone Project

Since this is the final module, you must complete it in order to receive the certificate. In fact, it’s a favorite among many people. You must use all your newly acquired talents on a project of your choosing.

Create a project to demonstrate your Data Science expertise to prospective employers. Use your newly gained data science and machine learning abilities to examine, visualize, and build an extrapolative model from a real-world business case data collection.

Final Thought

As you can see, the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate comprises ten different topics. You can study the modules individually or simultaneously; the choice is yours. Once you complete all ten modules, you will get your IBM certificate. 

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